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Easy Steps to Tie a Bow

Tie It Like A Gentleman – Easy Steps to Tie a Bow


So you have been invited to a formal event or a business cocktail. If you are in the situation when there’s no one who can help you tie your bowtie, you are possibly thinking how you are going to tie them. Today is the ideal time to learn how to do that process on your own.


The History of Bow Tie


A bow tie is known to be an inheritor of the knotted cravat. It was born from the necessity for neckwear, which was simpler than the cravat, at the same time that would last all the way through a more active day. At present, bow ties were worn by men on formal occasions, but in the past 10 years, these have been used for every day.


A lot of men think this task is difficult and they stay away from bowties as much as possible. The fact here is that these could make them remarkable in a crowd and one will always gain more respect than others, as not every man wears them and a lot of who wear them doesn’t know how to tie them properly. Further, the prettier versions will get seen by experienced people and will not help you gain the right kind of respect. Given that a lot of people are not familiar of tying these correctly, knowing the steps on how to tie a bowtie on the right way is at all times beneficial.


Here are the steps that will tell you the proper way of tying a bow tie:


1.        Wear it around your neck. While you are wearing it, ensure that the right end is stretched more than the left end; preferably one inch or a little more.


2.        Cross the right end on the left. Ensure that you’re crossing over the left end and not under it. Take a loop then tight it on your neck.


3.        Grab the left end and fold it to the right side.


4.        Pull the right end slowly to create the small opening.


5.        Pass the right end over this opening and ensure that you hold the knot resolutely.


6.        After the knot is made, pull the both ends of the bow in order to make it even. Ensure that you’re doing this lightly to achieve a uniform position.


The art of tying a bow is as simple as tying the strings of your shoes. The stereotype contaminant with bow ties is that they are commonly utilized by professors, doctors, and other professionals in the same respected designations. These days, one can get the prettier versions that come with elastic detachable hooks. If you wear them in your collar, the hook would go behind the collar, which is not very noticeable. Nevertheless, a lot of experts advise wearing the conventional bow ties, which must be tied up manually.


To sum up, it takes a time to tie your bow perfectly; however, with patience and continuous practice, you can achieve this goal very easily. After you have achieved it, you’ll find bowties to be relaxed to tie similar with neckties.



Bret Rakfeldt