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Helpful Tips when Choosing a Tuxedo Bow Tie

Effective and Helpful Tips when Choosing a Tuxedo Bow Tie


In terms of formal wear, a tuxedo bow tie is an important feature you shouldn’t forget. But of course, bow ties don’t always agree on every occasion. This makes it important that you know when to dress formally just like how you know how to dress formally. You may or may not be ready for a formal occasion, depending on what you have in your wardrobe.


Tuxedo bow ties are formal items that should only be worn on very formal events like weddings. Bow ties are an important aspect of a formal wear especially if you know when to wear them. Usually, bow ties go hand in hand with tuxedo which is why they’re sometimes called tuxedo bow ties so you mostly just wear them on weddings. Wearing tuxedo bow ties in other formal occasions can sometimes make you look stiff and uncomfortable. Although, on the other hand, it can also make you look astute but it largely depends on how you carry yourself. After knowing what and when to wear bow ties, the next thing you need is to find is where to purchase them.


Buying Cheap Bow Ties


There are plenty of shops and stores that sell them. Most often, men who just rent a tuxedo would need to buy their bow ties from department stores or boutique shops. But this could be quite an expensive option because brand new bow ties are a bit pricey from boutiques and department stores. But if you are looking to save money, shopping around and looking at other shops can be a good idea as it allows you to compare prices and quality. This way, you can choose a bow tie that’s good quality but certainly not overpriced.


Picking the Right Tuxedo Bow Tie


There is a huge range of tuxedo bow ties to which you can choose from and that makes choosing a bit difficult. No worries though. In this article you’ll find some valuable tips to make your bow tie choice easy and simple.


·         The first thing to focus on is what color of bow tie that you want. The traditional and most formal color is black so it makes the perfect choice if you are going to formal occasions. There are a lot of color options though like red and pink as well as polka dots which are perfect for less formal occasions.


·         Next thing you need to focus on when shopping for bow ties is the material. Silk and velvet are most expensive but they really look and feel nice. Cheaper materials include polyester but they don’t really make the look. If you are going to use the bow tie for a while, then it’s better to go for a better material like silk.


·         When you’re done with color and material, you need to choose what style of bow tie to purchase. There are generally two types of bow tie: the pre-tied and those you tie yourself. Tying a bow tie yourself can be tricky so most go with a pre-tied bow tie. What style you choose depends on what you’re comfortable with and what you prefer.


Follow the tips that are stated above and rest assured that you can easily find and choose the right tuxedo bow tie for you.




Bret Rakfeldt