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How to clean a necktie

Cleaning a Necktie


Necktie and its use has spread throughout the world and is considered a symbol of elegance. The only way to keep the tie clean is to avoid streaking or by preventing it from coming in contact with dirty elements; which is literally impossible.


To perform a surface cleaning in case your tie does not have concrete stains, or you just want to clean it after several use you should never let your necktie get into the washing machine because the result could be even more disastrous.


It is important to act quickly when a necktie get stained, the sooner you get rid of the stain the better because if the stain on the fabric dries, it can spoil the tie permanently.


To remove stains, do not wash with water, because if you do, you might be able to clean the original spot but in turn, generate a larger stain.


Here are some general tips that will help you remove a stain from your precious necktie:


Simple necktie cleaning tips


1. Using a clean white cloth or napkin, dip your finger into a small amount of club soda then apply it on the stain, slowly dabbing it away. Make sure you don’t rub or press hard otherwise you will just end up rubbing the stain deeper into the fabric.


2. If it is a stain of butter or fat, sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain and let it sit overnight. The powder will absorb the fat and then you can remove it with a clean towel or cloth. If this is an important spot, repeat the process several times.


3. A different fabric would mean a different method of cleaning, or stain-removing for this matter. The preferred method to remove stains for a silk tie to dry clean it. Not only will it remove the stain effectively, dry cleaning will even preserve the smooth and glossy finish of the silk.


4. For stubborn stains, you first need to use a stain remover to penetrate the stain. Rub the product on the stain for about a minute. Prepare a bath of cold water with mild detergent and gently move the tie in this solution for about five minutes.


5 In the event that the only method available for removing stains is by handwash or use of a dry cleaning kit, make sure that you carefully use a stain pre-treater and then handwash.


If your silk tie is stained with sauce, ink, juice, coffee, etc., then wipe dry immediately with a clean towel or napkin. Then, buy a good stain remover that is specific to the type of your necktie. Test the product on the back of the tie before using it on the stain.


Always test any detergent or cleaning agent to be used at the back of the tie or in an area that won’t be visible, so as to prevent your necktie from damaging.


For cotton ties: the basic is to keep in mind is that you should not wash with hot water because, as we all know cotton shrinks easily. The best option is to hand wash with mild soap and, in the case of stains, rubbing gently, almost like a massage on the tie to avoid deformation. Also take the time to wash alone and separately, some have dyed or printed designs that can discolor and stain other clothes.


Bret Rakfeldt