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Clip-On Ties and Bowties

Clip-On Ties and Bowties. . . Not a Good Choice


Clip-on ties are not just a myth for men’s fashion, but a reality. Who really wears them? From the point of view of sartorialists, are they considered as an acceptable fashion accessory?


Neckties and bowties have been a staple in men’s wardrobe for so many years. Way back in the 221 BC in China, the very first allusion of tie was recognized in different paintings where most people depicted with something around their neck. Even these modern days, neckties and bowties are associated with men and the company culture mainly dictates the use of clip-on ties as part of the customized outfit most especially for male professionals.


On the other hand, there are still lots of people who believe that clip-on ties and bowties are not a good choice. Clip-on ties for men have been helping them look their best without the hassle and stress and learning curve of trying traditional neckties and bowties. With the clip-on ties, there would be no excuses for not wearing a necktie. There are lots of men who may bite their tongue right at the idea of wearing clip-on ties. However, there are pros that come up with choosing stylish clip-on ties.




·         Clip-on ties let men who cannot tie their necktie to wear a tie and look great.


·         These come in wide array of colors and patterns, thus making it very easy to fit into men’s daily wardrobe.


·         The knot is always perfect.


·         The neckties would always be the same length, thus making you look extremely dapper.


But just like any other products available in the market for purchase, clip-on ties and bowties also have their downsides and among them are as follow:


·         Many people find clip-on ties and bowties a little gimmicky, and they do not fully see its benefits.


·         Because the clip-on ties for men are pre-tied, there is no way for men to experiment without tie knots


·         There are lots of men who do not like clip-on ties and bowties mainly because of the overly, put together as well as uniform look for the clip-on ties.


The pros of the clip-on ties and bowties for men outweighs its cons. If you are looking for the most stylish, affordable, and attractive clip-on ties for men, you can easily find the best one since there are numbers of stores that now offer this kind of product. Most of the stores carry huge collection of clip-on ties customers can choose from. This way, you can be sure to find the best one that suits your needs and budget.


Even though there are people who believe that clip-on ties and bowties are not a good choice, there are still lots of men who are using this because of so many reasons. But whatever you prefer, make sure that it makes you comfortable. This way, you can guarantee that you will feel good about yourself no matter what other people will say. Just make it to a point that your clip-on ties and bowties will spice up your everyday fashion.



Bret Rakfeldt