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Cool Tie Knots to Match Your Style

Cool Tie Knots to Match Your Style


Let us face the fact that unless you are going to knot your neckties well, there is no point in wearing it at all. You have come a long way since your father taught you how to tie a necktie right in front of the mirror. These days, you surely know that there are wide varieties of knots to suit wide varieties of outfits as well as occasions.


Many accessories are there that have the potential to make men look more confident, sexy, and professional. On the other hand, choosing the right way to tie a necktie can be a great difference between men looking sloppy and boyish and looking polished. Good thing is that, huge numbers of cool tie knots are there to choose from such as:




This is one of the most cool tie knots baring an asymmetrical, narrow, and casual look. This very simple knot is suitable to be worn during different occasions. In addition to that, it is also best paired with much wider ties from heavy fabrics and must be paired with standard or point or collared shirts.


The Windsor


Also known as, double or full Windsor, this cool tie knot is suited to wear when attending formal occasions including weddings and job interviews. It appears as a wide triangle shape. Moreover, it appears better when paired with shirts having cut-away collar.


Prince Albert


One of the most common cool tie knots styles is the Prince Albert. This tie knot looks best most especially when worn with point-collared shirts. Apart from that, it is also considered as among the easiest tie knots to knot with ties made from soft materials. The main purpose of this tie knot is to make an elongated slope. On the other hand, its width is what makes it unique.


The Half-Windsor


It mainly gives an impression of a professional, neat, and symmetrical appearance of Full Windsor, yet requires half of the effort. If you are attending any occasion, this cool tie knot is the best option you can consider. It pairs best with standard or cut-away collared shirts. Just like Windsor, it also looks best with much wider ties that are made from medium to heavy weight fabrics.


Many factors are there that should be considered when choosing the right style such as a tie’s length and width, shirt collar, and most of all, the personal style. When shopping for neckties, it is always a nice idea to choose those with at least medium width and those with length that come to your belt when knotted. Take note that your necktie should not come above your bellybutton.


Since different cool tie knots vary in sizes and shapes, it makes choosing shirt with the right collar important to making your look work. Above all, choose the one that makes you comfortable every time you wear it. Knowing that huge cool tie knots are huge in numbers, your choice is indeed limitless. You are free to choose any tie knot as long as it boosts your confidence.



Bret Rakfeldt