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Men’s Suit Tie and Shoes

Men’s Suit Tie and Shoes


Black suit tie and black shoes work great if you are going to a funeral. However, most of the time, we are quite more colorful in our wardrobes. How do you match your light grey, navy, or brown suit to your shoes?


Black suit and tie


A black suit tie may not be the best choice in most situations, but if you find yourself wearing a black suit for any exceptional reason, the rules for matching your suit to your shoes will have limitations. Black suit calls for black shoes. There are no alternatives, no options, and no cool combinations of color. A plain black suit will only demand for black shoes.


Navy suit and tie


This is where it begins to get more exciting. Unlike the black or charcoal suit, a navy suit has been more dynamic and it gives a bit more flexibility and freedom to find interesting combinations in shoes. You may go with the most formal and obvious option, which is black shoes On the other hand, you can always try brown, light brown, and burgundy too. These 2 colors have always been great options if you want to go for a more adventurous look with a navy suit.


Charcoal suit and tie


It is the best alternative for men who still want to wear a dark suit and is close to black, and you will have any problems just as with a black suit. The dark nature of this suit calls for dark shoes. In a charcoal suit, you must never go for light colored shoes. You can go for black, a dark shade of brown, or a very dark burgundy.


Gray suit and tie


This suit is quite similar to a charcoal suit when it comes to the shoe colors that will match them. On the other hand, a lighter shade of gray suit gives you more possible combinations with lighter colored shoes. Different shades of brown, black shoes, and burgundy shoes will look great in a gray suit. Just keep it simple. The formality level that you are trying to accomplish will be the most essential element when select the right shoes.


Blue suit and tie


A blue suit is actually very similar to navy suit not only when it comes to color, but also about how easy they can be matched with shoes. The only difference is that blue suit allows lighter shades of shoes because of the suit’s light color. You can take your pick from burgundy, tan, black, and most shades of brown.


Brown suit and tie


It can be a little tricky to match yours shoes to a brown suit. There are people who would say that you can match a brown suit and tie with brown shoes, but it is not actually recommended for a shade of brown to match too close to the color of your suit. It would make a better choice to have tan shoes or lighter shade of brown in a brown suit.



As with all colors, the most essential thing to keep in mind is avoiding things that are close but not quite matching. Those will be the worst-looking clashes to see. Just keep the contrast clear and you will be fine.




Bret Rakfeldt


Dog Neckties

The Cool Thing about Dog Neckties


Your dog can be a perfect companion during certain occasions. Your best friend needs to get pampered by providing him cool outfit. Today, there are already some events that he must be presented more formally. You can dress him up with tie and a white collar to get your job done.


However, you can explore for more exciting styles while your buddy wears dog necktie. Continue reading and get yourself free from stress and pressure looking for the best outfit for your little buddy. This will guide you all throughout the process and the results will surely make your dog happy and excited.


Choosing Dog Necktie


For first timers, it may be quite challenging to select which neck tie suits best your dog. Use your creativity to combine the best tie with the outfit or the theme of the event.


Basically, you can decide whether you prefer a regular tie or a bow necktie for him. Remember that bow ties usually come in black colors while regular neck ties come in striped colors that range from flashy green and yellow to conservative black and red combination.


At the Office


If you used to take your buddy with you in the office, you should find a tie that will properly complement corporate attire for that day. This may impress your manager or boss and it may take you to a better opportunity that you never expect will happen.


Fun Neckties for Cool Dogs


In the pet fashion industry, you will find out that there are varieties of ways to dress up your pets. Dogs are the most common pets that many people want to have. Their presence makes families and individuals happy.


There are ties that have been made functional and fun. They have been designed to allow easy dress up of your pets like dogs. Dogs are often accustomed to collars and ties. Ties go beyond just being an accessory. It provides great look when properly matched with the shirt collar.


Giving your dogs with classy and unique neckties is one way of pampering them. There are modern and trendy styles of these ties and feel free to decide which one suits well during a certain occasion, be it very formal or semi-formal.


Where to Shop for Dog Neckties


Shopping for neckties for dogs is now easier, quicker and more convenient. Why? You got a lot of online shops that offer unique, trendy and fashionable variety of neckties. All you need is to find which type of tie will match your pet.


Make sure to shop around first before ordering a dog necktie. The good thing about online shops is that they often offer big discounts and special promos for different items. Do not just settle to one tie for your dog. It is due to the reason that wearing neckties must come in different styles and designs.


Your dogs deserve the best. In return, you can give them the time and attention that they need. Choose a neck tie for your dog today.


Bret Rakfeldt