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Get to Know Some of the Unusual Neckties

Unusual NecktiesWhen it comes to trendy neckties, you will find a lot of them in the most popular online shops or local stores. You usually find different types of ties depending on the occasion that a person will have to wear these. But, have you seen some unusual neckties ever? Well, this page will take you to getting information about cool neckties that have extra perks.

People from other countries have creative and playful minds that lead them to inventing unusual things. Just like in ties, you may not believe it but there are unusual neckties available in some specific shops in other countries. Take a look at some of them:

USB Cooling Ties

An online shop in Japan introduces unique necktie. It has been designed as a necktie that helps you feel cool when working in your stuffy working environment. It features cooling fan inside that releases air to make you feel fresher and more comfortable. You can simply plug in the cable of this necktie to a powered USB port to feel cool directly.

Some of its main features are the following: speed and power controls, manual, 135 cm cable length, measures 120g in weight, and measures 480 x 95 x 24 mm. This tie is made up of silk while the fan is composed of plastic.

Men who have worn it took the chance of showing their bosses that this is the right time to come up with a new dress code. With its easy controls, they can simply turn the power off and on or adjust the speed of the fan.

Umbrella Tie

Another amazing necktie invention is the umbrella tie. It may seem an ordinary necktie work under the coat of men. But, if it is revealed, it definitely looks like the typical umbrella that comes in a more stylish look. Want to have one? You will surely get hooked to this.

Unusual Neckties

Flask Tie – It is a classy microfiber neck accessory which carries a 6-pound pouch that is latent in the tie’s longer hanging portion. It also comes with a straw made to be easily accessed which is also tucked away in a short bit.

The only drawback about it is that it is not the thing for keeping hot liquids such as emergency coffees. However, it will surely provide great convenience when you are too busy doing office procedures. This flexible Tie Bladder helps get rid of spills since it features self-sealing valve.

These are just some of the impressive neckties created by imaginative minds in other countries such as Japan. You may want to try any of these and see how it can change your feeling at the moment. Whatever type of necktie you wear; these unusual neckties will make a big difference in your work or events to attend.

Simply explore the web to get more details about these zipper Neckties. You can share it with your friends if you discovered one that definitely suits your needs. Enjoy your new tie!

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