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Men’s Skinny Ties

Men’s Skinny Ties


With regards to fashion and their clothes, men do not have as many choices as women do to broaden your appearance, unless they like to follow fading trends and risk falling into laugh at. One of the best accessories men can have in their closet is the tie, this versatile piece of cloth which can be worn both informally and formally.


These days, you’re going to talk about skinny ties for men and describe how and when they could be worn. These fashionable accessories could be worn by any kind of man, at any age; however it is essential to know how to go with them to the rest of the outfit.


Skinny ties for men were introduced towards the end of the 1960s and they were made trendy by bands like The Beatles. If you want to understand how to know skinny ties, you must know that their match must not exceed 1.5 to 2.5 inches.


What is more, they are not really ideal all year round, however are rather suitable for summer or spring, if they could be visible and matched with the best clothes. Like for instance, a skinny tie for men will go better with a suit which has narrow lapel, as it restates the thin lines of the necktie.


The best thing about skinny ties for men is that they could be worn with casual or informal outfits. You can even match these ties to a pair of jeans or skinny shirt to which a blazer jacket can be added.


Also, it’s essential to say that if you like to wear your skinny tie with a suit, 1 or 2 button suits are more appropriate. It is also important to consider the way you knots your skinny ties, seem like it is with any other kind of necktie. For skinny ties, it’s recommended to use the four in hand knot that is rather asymmetric and thus more appropriate for such a fashionable getup.


You could find tutorials and tips on how to tie such a knot online. Sad to say, a lot of skinny ties are also pretentious in selecting their men, as they are fitting for tall, rather slim men; stockier men must avoid them, as it makes them look even bulkier.


Skinny ties are also a little bit showy with regards to fabrics and patterns, so you must avoid wearing any which have regimental stripes or polka dots. Rather, go for knits, solid colors, and modern stripes as well as even checkered.


Nevertheless, you must also trust your gut feeling with regards to selecting skinny ties. It is essential to consider your personal style, your way of expression as well as preferences.


It is essential to know how to wear skinny ties properly, how to accessorize these types of ties and when to wear them. While skinny ties are suitable for both casual and formal outfits, you need to avoid suits that have wide lapels, shirts with wide collars as well as intricate and heavy patterns.




Bret Rakfeldt