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The Meaning behind Clip on Bow Tie Colors

The Meaning behind Clip on Bow Tie Colors


For sure, you already know that a bow tie is more than just an accessory that you wear on your neck. Through it, you would be able to distinguish yourself from others for it allows you to showcase your individuality. Not only that, wearing it can make you look cool and make people assume that you know things. However, have you ever wondered what a navy blue bow tie or any other bow tie color means? Well, this article aims to help you discover the meaning behind clip on bow tie colors.


Red Bow Tie


Red has always been considered as a color that symbolizes power. Hence, you can commonly see politicians wearing ties of red color. In addition to that, it also showcase strength, burning passion and a strong sense of ambition. So, if you wanted to appear powerful among your colleagues, then it is suggested for you to wear a red bow tie. Nevertheless, different shades of red makes a difference as well. For example, a burgundy tie is best for people who aim to build trust. Nevertheless, you should match your tie with the occasion you would be going to if you don’t want to look too aggressive to the point where no one. One more thing, purple also communicates luxury.


Navy Blue Bow Tie


Ever wondered why some people look dependable? Well, it may be because they are wearing a navy blue bow tie. Not only does it showcases one’s dependability for it also shows that the person who is wearing it is a calm and peaceful person. In addition to that, if you want to build credibility, then this is the most suitable bow tie color for you. But, be careful not to look conservative and cold.


Purple Bow Tie


Now, if you wanted to close a deal when you meet with your investors, then better wear a purple bow tie. This is because it is capable of showing that you are a confident type of person. Thus, if you wear it, people would surely want to do business and build a relationship with you. In addition to that, it is also capable of making a long lasting impression.


Pink Bow Tie


Pink has always been the color of the youth. Apart from that, if you want to show the people that you are a happy person, then you should definitely wear a pink bow tie. In addition to that, you can also wear it to show that you are a thoughtful, compassion and understanding type of person. On the other hand, you should also be careful in wearing it for it can also make you look immature and weak.


On the other hand, in some countries, a white bow tie means that the person who is wearing it is currently in the mourning period. So, now that you have gotten a glimpse of what each bow tie color means, you should be mindful of the color of tie that you are wearing. Nevertheless, you should always wear it with confidence.




Bret Rakfeldt