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Neckties by Never Tie LLC

Never Tie is a Brand new company that is a necktie manufacture of a new patent pending Necktie. Neckties have been around for 1000’s of years and have required the user to learn how to tie the necktie, until now. Never tie is the only necktie that has removable knots that attach to the necktie and appears the necktie to be tied.

Our knots have the same direction pattern as the tie, so the stripes go the same way on the knot as they do on the tie. Try that with an old fashion tie. Our knots as well will be able to have initials or logos on the knots to make them more personalized. Our product comes with 1 Necktie and 2 Knots allowing the user to choose which knot they would like to wear.

Necktie CollectionWe have 20 designs of neckties to choose from including many colors as well as striped and unique pattern designs. We try to keep up with the consent change in fashion. With many neckties on the market we are the only necktie with removable knots, you can interchange the knots with other ties to make a fashion statement, or make yourself seen with the many choices you have.

There are many types of neckties on the market like the zipper tie, clip on tie, etc our neckties are still worn around the neck as a typical necktie and taking the guess work out of learning how to tie a knot and getting the correct length, our neckties will take the hassle out of all that and shorten the time getting ready.

Yes you may be able to get cheaper neckties but you are still having to learn how to tie the tie and our neckties are priced between the cheaper ones and the more expensive neckties on the market, We know you will love our ties and Believe our neckties are the future of neckties. Don’t hesitate to email us at anytime and one of our team will get back with you in a timely matter.

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