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Building Necktie Collection: The Styles of Neckties to Know About


Necktie CollectionMost men just buy neckties without thinking the degree of its usefulness. They simply pick those ties without considering if it’s versatile enough to wear on weddings, interviews, and other events. When you are building a necktie collection, it is not enough that you have a collection of designer ties.  They should embody useful and versatility. In hunting neckties from the cheap neckties up to the expensive ones and everything in between, you should always think of how the tie serve your needs best.


Whenever you are shopping for men’s neckties, your focus should be on finding styles that can be worn on regular basis. Here is the list of the common necktie styles that you should be aware of.


1.       Solid neckties


When looking for ties for men, a man should purchase this one first. The most versatile color and the safest one as well is the dark blue ties. Rich and deep colors will also do like that of a burgundy tie. Stay away from bright colors as much as possible.


This tier style will be appropriate for business – be it a strict or relaxed one. You could also wear it for casual activities depending on the color of your tie.


2.       Polka Dot Neckties


Polka dots may not be that ideal for your dress clothing. However, with neckties, it would be a good one. Wearing polka dots ties for men will be great for your daily work.


3.       Foulard Neckties


Foulard ties are those men’s neckties that have symmetrical and repeating patterns in a block array that are gridded. Having one of these will be great so as you will not be stuck wearing polka dots and solid neckties in all the events you will attend to. It gives you a bolder look without the need to look gaudy.



4.       Paisley Neckties


A paisley tie has curved and repeating designs that have originated from the Middle East. It helps you achieve a casual look but you can also use it for the same reason that you use polka dots ties for. Owning one of these styles will be great for your collection.


5.       Sports and Club Neckties


Cheap NecktiesThis is almost the same with the foulard ties for men. The only difference is that they have a theme. The repeated pattern that you can see in it is a crest or an emblem that are recognizable. Usually, between its designs, there are plenty of spaces.  This is why there are just half-dozen or more of the designs are visible in it. The origin of the style comes from the gentleman’s clubs. Adding this to your men’s neckties collection will be great. Just buy one of them as they are not advisable to wear for business events.


When thinking of building your neckties collection. Do not just pick them just because they are designer ties. Always think about their versatility. Also, consider how you can maximize the use of it in accordance to your needs. It does not matter of your buy cheap neckties or designer ties. What you should think of when buying ties for men is their usefulness and versatility for you and your needs.

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