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Necktie Color Guide

Necktie Color Guide: Matching Necktie Colors with your Personality

To hear that colors are capable of evoking certain emotions and feelings is not news. We have always heard of and saw many companies adopt the psychology. If companies can do this, so does men. With simply picking a certain color for a clothing, they can achieve that. With shirts and suits, this may be hard to achieve. However, with the men’s neckties around, they can take advantage of the power of colors we are so familiar of.


Here are the most common colors for ties for men and what each of them has to say concerning your personality:


Red Ties


A red tie is usually referred to as the power tie.  The color can grab attention easily. Red is mostly associated with authority, love, power and passion. Your use of this tie color should be carefully selected.


A red tie would look good with charcoal, navy and gray suits. A bright red tie can give you bold look. If you do not want this, you can choose ties with red shades that has more brown color in it.


Burgundy Ties


When it comes to the necktie world, a burgundy tie is a popular one. It showcases the combination of the red’s power and brown’s maturity. The elegance it exudes is timeless and you can use it for any season.  If you are shopping for a business necktie, a burgundy tie will be the perfect the choice.


Light Blue Ties


A light blue tie is more popular during the summer and spring seasons. The color evokes liveliness and youthfulness.  This will go along well with a charcoal gray suit, which will give you the perfect business look for the season.


Navy Ties


Most men choose blue as their favorite color. It is no wonder why there are many blue ties for men out there.   This is also the reason why the navy blue tie is the most common tie color that is sold in the market. The color connotes maturity, soothing and calm nature and elegance. This color is usually seen used during the winter and spring season. It has a timeless elegance as well.  This tie will suit best with classic white shirt along with the pin-striped suit in light gray.


Yellow Ties


A yellow tie is rarely seen and they are usually part of a designers’ ties collection for summer and spring. A cheerful color will suit for business purposes. It would look good with suits that are colored in beige or navy ones.


Pink Ties


A pink tie is usually spotted in summer and spring collection. The color combines the passion of red and purity of white. It is referred to as romantic color.


Orange Ties


Orange is the happy color. You can wear an orange tie during summer, fall and spring depending on its shade.


White Ties


White signifies purity. A solid white tie is rarely used for business events. Usually, it is used to achieve a trendy or casual look.


Black Ties


Black is a formal color. A black tie is usually worn in attending formal events. They could also be worn in other ways such as for casual look.


Brown Ties


Brown is for maturity. A brown tie is what you need if you want to portray an established and mature personality.  They are most popular in the fall season.


Purple Ties


Purple is the royal color. It is a color associated with religion and nobility. A purple tie can be worn during seasons such as fall, spring and summer depending on the shades. For men looking to add more interesting color in their uniform, this is a good choice.


Green Ties


Green is always associated with the environment and nature. It would be great to wear a green tie during the summer season.


Colors have always been good at representing our personality. If you want to evoke your mood of the day through those colors, the perfect accessory that can carry the purpose out is the men’s neckties.



Bret Rakfeldt