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3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

The purpose why you wear a necktie is to enhance your appeal while you carry your overall attire with pride. You aim to have others glance at you and make their jaw dropped with awe. Wearing a tie is not just simply wearing them, but they must also be emphasized.

Some men even spend money to buy a designer tie like Jerry Garcia ties, Ralph Lauren, and other popular brands. Cheap bow ties often have basic violet color and you should be careful in pairing them with your suit if you choose them. We want to help you look stunning using different factors we want to share with you.

Color of the Tie

The first tip when using color as your basis in looking for a tie that suits you is to match it with the color of your suit or shirt. The appropriate way is shirt and tie must have contrasting colors and so must suit and tie, too.

If you want to look sophisticated, bow ties are cool if paired with your cool blue suit. You can use a green tie or royal blue tie to match it. You can also try a blue tie that contrasts the color of your shirt. Another option is to pair the red tie which is also called a power tie with your shirt with a light color.

It is called power tie because it can capture anybody’s attention. The white colored dress shirt and dark navy three-piece suit matched a pink tie or blue bow tie.

The other trick is to match the color of your tie with your particular features. If you have a light colored hair but have a low contrast fair skin, you can select monochromatic and pastel colors. However, if you have a dark hair a high contrast light skin, choose a color of a tie with defined lines on them.


This can be the trick that most men find it hard to choose. Just remember that the pattern of your tie should not conflict with your suit’s or shirt’s pattern to avoid them from clashing together. It looks cool if you pair your thin-striped shirt with a polka dot tie.

But if you want to use a striped tie also, make sure that the width or size of its stripe is different or you may use a plaid tie as an alternative. Using a wool tie is also the best match for a smooth jacket.

Knot tie

The knot tie should compliment the style of the collar of the shirt or suit. Collars have two types, one is the narrow point and the other one is the spread collar. The bigger the tie knots, the greater it requires more tie. The best tie knot for a spread collar could be the Windsor knot.

Mixing patterns, color, and knot styles is an art which needs an intuitive thinking. You can also use your own artistry to match your own suits or dress shirt with an attractive neck tie.



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Achieve a Professional Look with Tie Bar and Clip on Tie

Achieve a Professional Look with Tie Bar and Clip on Tie


The professional and business world has their snobs. They frown on people, especially men who wear clip on their ties and they can see one, and usually these are the poor guys who are hiding behind their flashy tie bars. Anyways, if the business snobs know the rules, thy need to concede that the routine in office isn’t a 2000USD plate event but a less formal time worthy of much simpler necktie knots.


Men can sometimes be lazy. To make a fuss over a tie knot as well as waste their precious minutes in doing and undoing a knot is a problem that most men don’t want to think of every morning. So why one needs to be suffer when he can speed up the process through the use of clip on ties with a tie slide or a tie bar.


Another reason why men depend on clip on ties is because of the frustrating fact that they can’t master the elaborate half, Windsor know, which can be done by doing an additional look before filling up the broad end of the tie before doing the last cinch knot.


There are many different ways to knot the necktie, ranging from basic ways to complicated methods. Whatever knots you pick needs to go well with the tie fabric. You may need to use a tie bar, tie pin, or tie tacks in order to enhance your necktie appearance.


The easier knots include half Windsor, small knot, double simple, and four-in-hand, and the complicated ones include cross knot and full Windsor.


The Windsor knot is a tribute to the Duke of Windsor who is the one who started the fashion of using wide knots for the well-spaced collars. Custom made shirts and thicker materials can accommodate this heavy triangular knot. The use of tie bar for this kind of fabric is much stronger and thicker. Fortunately, this kind of knot isn’t mandatory for professional and corporate world or you will be stressed out before you even perfect that very straight necktie look with a superb know tie between the collars.


The cross knots on the other hand also take 5 steps and when completed, it displays a smart finish with a cross on the knot. Though it looks very simple to do, you need to be careful of every detail. Keep on doing to practice this kind of knot until you can even do it with your eyes completely closed.


However, tie bars have much more crucial role to play than merely keeping a straight tie. It also helps you tie not to gobble up accidentally by paper shredder. This also clips your tie to you shirt, which would mean no danger to both ends getting into the shredder’s maw. Tie bars also keep the silk ties in place even if there’s a strong wind, keeping you to look glam and cook in any weather condition.  You can now achieve a complete professional look with the help of tie bars and clip on tie.




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Cheap Neckties Online

Neckties fanatics all over the world experience common issue that is the cost of these accessories particularly for budget-minded people. With which market gap, companies or manufacturers come up with cheap neckties to address this issue.

The diverse designs and styles, colors, sizes as well as fabric of necktie available at a fraction of cost will surely delight all your needs and demands. Some people believe that low price items depict lower quality. With cheap neckties, you get a good value for your hard earned money.

The superiority of the cheap neckties are high, however they are created in a way to make sure affordability to various types of people. The convenience of cheap neckties cannot be overemphasized.

Anywhere you go you will find cheap neckties. They are incredibly on hand in various stores nationwide or if you are a busy person, you can go online. The availability of cheap neckties online saves you energy and time.

Aside from online stores, you can also shop cheap custom ties directly from the manufacturer. Shopping directly to the manufacturer allows you save a considerable amount of money. There stores like eBay that offer cheap neckties. This gives you the ease of buying them right at the comfort of your home.

Cheap neckties are available in various designs to fit your personality or any event. They are fashionable and durable, a good combination which is rare to find. Amazingly, most of these cheap neckties will exceed the expensive brands.

Cheap Neckties Online

If you are going out for a casual event, and you decide to wear in an informal way, these cheap neckties are the ones you must wear. The costly office neckties will not go with casual attire providing you an awful look. You will look like an odd one out in the occasion.

ascot necktiesIt’s common during campaigns, either political caps or marketing caps, tees and other things to be hand out printed the brand or the logo or products on sale. You can break the usual use of these caps and tees and instead use cheap neckties.

Aside from being unique and one of a kind, you can also save a lot of money from using cheap neckties. Caps for marketing campaign are normally thrown away instantly, however cheap neckties will be kept for years. Every time the person chose to wear it, they will see the logo and are reminded of the product.

In each case, there never misses people who want to take benefit of the condition. This means some unscrupulous entrepreneurs will make low quality neckties with the purpose of taking benefit of the shoppers. Keeping this thing in mind, it is highly advisable to know with a specific brand which has superior products.

Cheap neckties are not just reasonable but also reliable and lost for a long time. So, prior to jumping over the quality as well as cheap neckties bandwagon, it is important to make a proper research. All in all, going online is the best and most excellent way of finding cheap neckties.

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Men’s Skinny Ties

Men’s Skinny Ties


With regards to fashion and their clothes, men do not have as many choices as women do to broaden your appearance, unless they like to follow fading trends and risk falling into laugh at. One of the best accessories men can have in their closet is the tie, this versatile piece of cloth which can be worn both informally and formally.


These days, you’re going to talk about skinny ties for men and describe how and when they could be worn. These fashionable accessories could be worn by any kind of man, at any age; however it is essential to know how to go with them to the rest of the outfit.


Skinny ties for men were introduced towards the end of the 1960s and they were made trendy by bands like The Beatles. If you want to understand how to know skinny ties, you must know that their match must not exceed 1.5 to 2.5 inches.


What is more, they are not really ideal all year round, however are rather suitable for summer or spring, if they could be visible and matched with the best clothes. Like for instance, a skinny tie for men will go better with a suit which has narrow lapel, as it restates the thin lines of the necktie.


The best thing about skinny ties for men is that they could be worn with casual or informal outfits. You can even match these ties to a pair of jeans or skinny shirt to which a blazer jacket can be added.


Also, it’s essential to say that if you like to wear your skinny tie with a suit, 1 or 2 button suits are more appropriate. It is also important to consider the way you knots your skinny ties, seem like it is with any other kind of necktie. For skinny ties, it’s recommended to use the four in hand knot that is rather asymmetric and thus more appropriate for such a fashionable getup.


You could find tutorials and tips on how to tie such a knot online. Sad to say, a lot of skinny ties are also pretentious in selecting their men, as they are fitting for tall, rather slim men; stockier men must avoid them, as it makes them look even bulkier.


Skinny ties are also a little bit showy with regards to fabrics and patterns, so you must avoid wearing any which have regimental stripes or polka dots. Rather, go for knits, solid colors, and modern stripes as well as even checkered.


Nevertheless, you must also trust your gut feeling with regards to selecting skinny ties. It is essential to consider your personal style, your way of expression as well as preferences.


It is essential to know how to wear skinny ties properly, how to accessorize these types of ties and when to wear them. While skinny ties are suitable for both casual and formal outfits, you need to avoid suits that have wide lapels, shirts with wide collars as well as intricate and heavy patterns.




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Purchasing Cheap Neckties

Why Consider Purchasing Cheap Neckties?


Women Wearing Neckties Neckties have different colors and sizes. You have a wide variety of option to choose from and there is more in the line of that in the market. Some people would want to buy neckties that are elegant and classy. Most of the times, you will get the idea that these neckties are expensive. However, if you consider the cheap ties, you will have a much more exciting benefit in using them. Forget about the expensive ones that you often see at the market. Cheap neckties will surely make the most out of any attire on each occasion.


A Cheap Price with a Good Quality


Most consumers would want a good quality necktie. Cheap neckties have that quality too that would be great on any occasion. Some people have the false thinking that if they buy cheap neckties, they would have a low-quality product as well. In this case, it depends on the quality. It would be the good way to these neckties to the materials it is made of and the comfort it will provide to the user. In having this necktie, you will be assured of the best things that would happen to your attire.


Designs and Patterns in a Wide Variety


Some people have a hard time choosing the best designs and patterns that will fit their desired taste.  With the vast variety to choose from, you will not have any problem in choosing the necktie design that will match your suit. These are also proven of a high-quality standard, as many consumers have bought the product. When it comes to the patterns, a cheap necktie will assure you that the patterns that you will chose will match the business attire you have.


Take Note of the Sizes and Colors


For example, you have some important event you will be attending. You like to buy an expensive tie in order to show your friends that you can afford it. However, you have seen a Brioni tie that has a cheaper price to the one that you are about to buy. So, what necktie are you going to buy? It would be great if you will go to the cheap one because it has a classy look that is fit for you and the attire that you are wearing. This is a great opportunity to match the tie with the suit.


Easy to Find


necktie trendsWhen looking for neckties, some have a hard time in finding the tie that they want. If you want a no-sweat scenario in purchasing cravat ties or a pink tie, buying the cheaper one will assure you that you will have no problem in finding the necktie that you want. It would give you the assurance of a great way in purchasing the right item.

A cheap necktie is not bad. With the assortment of design pattern, it has or the bow tie pattern, for example, you will not have a problem with it as you will choose the right necktie that will fit your personality. This will ensure that you will have a great experience in wearing ties.

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Wear a Necktie that Fits

Wear a Necktie that Fits: Why Should I?


Cheap NecktiesMen love the idea of wearing the best ties. It doesn’t stop there. Corporate occasions and events will make you wear the best suits and neckties. It will provide you the chance to look elegant and classy. However, there are some points that men forget the right purpose of wearing the right tie. Some buy a necktie that is too loose or will not fit the design and pattern of the suit they are wearing. It would be a good way in making the right move wearing a tie.


The perfect fit. This is an important reason that you should consider in purchasing a tuxedo bow tie or any other necktie. In wearing the right fit, you will achieve not only the comfort and elegance of wearing a tie but also the simplicity of it. This will guarantee you that you have the edge in having a dignified look that is fit for a man. In wearing the right tie, there are forms of designs and patterns that you should consider, this will let you make the most of the necktie and the suit you are wearing.


If you are into floral ties, considering the right fit will provide you the assurance that you will have a good look in any event that you will be attending. The design and ways of tying the tie will create a good impression that the appearance will be perfect. This could also be made by giving an emphasis on the color of the tie and the kind of event you will have. Corporate events require a simple or a specific kind of tie that will resemble the theme of the party or occasion. If your tie has a right combination and fit in your neck, a successful event will be assured.


cheap necktiesIn having, a peach tie or any type of neckties, the lining, and the fabric should match your shirt or suit in order to take a progressive outcome in the event. Neckties that are worn in the right color and size have a great effect that would provide comfort and convenience most of the time. In wearing a necktie that fits, you will have a great way to choose other forms of neckties and become creative in wearing it. This will provide you a good way in making the right result in wearing neckties.


If you will choose a yellow tie or formally designed style, try to make the best tie knot in order to have a comfortable and excellent way of wearing it. The time that you will make the right procedure is the time that the necktie will fit the personality that you have. In doing so, there is an assurance that you a necktie will give the best in you if the way of wearing it is made in the right manner as possible. This will be considered an effective way in wearing any kind of necktie that you want. Thus, you will not have any problem with having an awkward feeling in attending events.

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Tie Cleaning 101

Tie Cleaning 101: How to Take Good Care of your Tie


The perfect tie has the ability to uplift any look and offer you the right touch of professionalism. Neckties enable you to create your wardrobe more adaptable, as it’s another element, which you can combine with different suits and shirts for endless outfit combinations. If you are working with a less number of ties, a new one can add some variety, but an unkempt one will make you look disordered, no matter what the rest of your appearance might be. Your ties should be cared for so they last, as long as possible and so they will keep you looking great as possible.


Store your Ties Properly


You are aware that ties are easily disfigured and delicate ones. After you are done removing the tie, hang it up right away to allow the creases fall out. Even though rolling the ties and putting them in your drawer does not damage them necessarily, draping your ties, in the long run, will retain its form and lessen wrinkling. It would be better if you will buy a tie rack that will make storing of your tie much easier.


Regular Maintenance is a Must


Every time you go home from your work, removing your tie properly will make a huge difference on the overall condition of your tie. As much as possible, do not pull the thin end of it by the knot, or you will run the danger of destroying the shape of the tie. As an alternative, take off the tie through following the steps on untying a tie. Plus, make sure that you don’t leave the knots in your neckties every time, not in use. This is a certain way to make permanent creases in it, which will leave it looking limp.


Clean your Ties Properly and Carefully


Compare to normal clothing that you use every day, the best way to clean your neckties is when they are dirty. As much as possible, do not wash them after every wear. Did you know that washing ties could be a risky game? However, if you will pay attention to the details and will be careful and attentive on the type of fabric your tie is made of, everything will go smoothly.


Furthermore, remember that either all ties must be dry-cleaned or hand washed, depending on the material. Doing an air-drying to your tie is also a safe means to go.


Removing Stains


Cleaning a stain on your tie is a frustrating job. Here are some tips you can do to remove stains on your precious ties:


•        Oil Based Stains – The best way to remove oil-based stains is to use talcum powder.


•        Water-Based Stains – Make use of dab and cloth with a small amount of water


•        Serious Stains – Mild cleaning agents or spot removers can be used to remove serious stains. But, you need to test first the back of the tie to guarantee that the remover agent will not ruin it.


If you are having a hard time to clean your ties, then the best solution you can do is to bring it to a reliable dry cleaning service you can trust.




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Neck ties and Suits: Make These Match

If you are going to an important event, you will typically want the best dress combination that will make you look professional in the event. You might think many considerations but if you know what you are doing, then you are all set for the big night. The problem is, how will match your cheap neckties with the expensive suit that you have. This could cause a major dilemma in thinking of the right pattern of the neck tie or the color of it. Well, all you need are a few tips and a little makeover of your dressing style.

choose bow tie

Do not Waste Time: Make It Work

There are different sets of neckties that can be bought in the market but not all of them will match the suit you are wearing. As with neck ties, suits have also different designs and sizes. You can’t just pick it in random order. There must be a sort of balance between your suit and the necktie. If not, you will have a hard time in putting the perfect match. A good necktie and suit match is not only seen in the color or pattern of the suit and neck tie but to the comfort of the wearer in wearing it. There must be a form of unique blend in the combination.

Make the Simple Approach but Elegant Style

Most men who are wearing custom ties forgot the idea of being creative. If you are not creative in dressing or choosing the necktie you want, there might be a problem in the way you are going to wear it. Neck ties and suits also need the right adjustments in order for it to have the look that will match your personality. In having the right combination and artistic touch, you are expected to go a long way in wearing the necktie that you want. Thus, the next time you will attend an event, you will already know the right combination that you will wear.

Match it with the Necktie with the Suit and not the Suit to the Necktie

Some men commit great mistake in matching the suit with their neck tie. This is good at times but not that good. In matching the necktie and the suit, there should have the guarantee that you are thinking about the necktie and not the suit. You can also do cool tie knots in order to add a twist to the attire you are making. Adding a creative touch to the attire will provide you an edge in achieving the attire makeover you like.

Omg Best Necktie Ever

It is quite easy to match the suit and tie if you know the tricks in doing this. This will be a great way in making you look pleasing to the event. With the right combination, the right attire will be achieved whether you are wearing a purple tie or are fond with custom bow ties. This will be a sure way to make a memorable and great experience most of the time as you attend parties.

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Necktie Color Guide

Necktie Color Guide: Matching Necktie Colors with your Personality

To hear that colors are capable of evoking certain emotions and feelings is not news. We have always heard of and saw many companies adopt the psychology. If companies can do this, so does men. With simply picking a certain color for a clothing, they can achieve that. With shirts and suits, this may be hard to achieve. However, with the men’s neckties around, they can take advantage of the power of colors we are so familiar of.


Here are the most common colors for ties for men and what each of them has to say concerning your personality:


Red Ties


A red tie is usually referred to as the power tie.  The color can grab attention easily. Red is mostly associated with authority, love, power and passion. Your use of this tie color should be carefully selected.


A red tie would look good with charcoal, navy and gray suits. A bright red tie can give you bold look. If you do not want this, you can choose ties with red shades that has more brown color in it.


Burgundy Ties


When it comes to the necktie world, a burgundy tie is a popular one. It showcases the combination of the red’s power and brown’s maturity. The elegance it exudes is timeless and you can use it for any season.  If you are shopping for a business necktie, a burgundy tie will be the perfect the choice.


Light Blue Ties


A light blue tie is more popular during the summer and spring seasons. The color evokes liveliness and youthfulness.  This will go along well with a charcoal gray suit, which will give you the perfect business look for the season.


Navy Ties


Most men choose blue as their favorite color. It is no wonder why there are many blue ties for men out there.   This is also the reason why the navy blue tie is the most common tie color that is sold in the market. The color connotes maturity, soothing and calm nature and elegance. This color is usually seen used during the winter and spring season. It has a timeless elegance as well.  This tie will suit best with classic white shirt along with the pin-striped suit in light gray.


Yellow Ties


A yellow tie is rarely seen and they are usually part of a designers’ ties collection for summer and spring. A cheerful color will suit for business purposes. It would look good with suits that are colored in beige or navy ones.


Pink Ties


A pink tie is usually spotted in summer and spring collection. The color combines the passion of red and purity of white. It is referred to as romantic color.


Orange Ties


Orange is the happy color. You can wear an orange tie during summer, fall and spring depending on its shade.


White Ties


White signifies purity. A solid white tie is rarely used for business events. Usually, it is used to achieve a trendy or casual look.


Black Ties


Black is a formal color. A black tie is usually worn in attending formal events. They could also be worn in other ways such as for casual look.


Brown Ties


Brown is for maturity. A brown tie is what you need if you want to portray an established and mature personality.  They are most popular in the fall season.


Purple Ties


Purple is the royal color. It is a color associated with religion and nobility. A purple tie can be worn during seasons such as fall, spring and summer depending on the shades. For men looking to add more interesting color in their uniform, this is a good choice.


Green Ties


Green is always associated with the environment and nature. It would be great to wear a green tie during the summer season.


Colors have always been good at representing our personality. If you want to evoke your mood of the day through those colors, the perfect accessory that can carry the purpose out is the men’s neckties.



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How to Pick the Right Navy Necktie

Navy Blue Tie: How to Pick the Right One


Navy blue uniforms are common not only in the military service but also in formal wear. There are many kinds of blue suits in the market and most of this will fit your preference. Whether it is a blue suit or a dark blue suit, a right tie will match it. You will have the awesome experience if you will match the right navy blue bow tie with the suit.


The following are the essential things to consider in wearing navy blue ties:


Go for Comfort   


You have chosen the color of your choice and you love the price. However, there seems to be a problem when you are already wearing it. The tie should have the right fit in your neck in order to ensure that you will find convenience in wearing it. This would guarantee that you would have an effective way in wearing the tie. Do look at the edges of the tie, feel its fabric in order to select the right tie for you.


Weigh in the Brand and Materials   


You will have an edge if the ties you will select is a known brand. This will make an assurance that the right tie will be selected. If the tie you will purchase is a trusted brand, you will not have any problem with using or wearing the tie. If you will know this from the start, there will be an assurance that the comfort and convenience of wearing the tie will be achieved in no time.  In doing so, the fabric or design of the tie will have a high quality.


Listen to the Experts  

People who have large experience with ties could give a wise remark on how to choose the right cheap neckties. This will provide you a hint on the things that you should consider in wearing the perfect tie. People have different ideas about the different ties that they have bought. Therefore, if you will buy one, you will know the navy tie to select. There will be a sure way for you to achieve that convenience. It should be noted that opinions from necktie expert are very important in choosing the navy tie that is fit for you.


Look at the Price but Take Note of the Quality 


An excellent navy blue tie is not only seen on the brand but in the price tag as well. If you are going to pick the right one, consider custom ties for a change and see its effect on your uniform. This will make it easier for you to select the right one that will give you comforts.


Whether it is black tie or blue navy tie, you will have an edge if you will pick the right one.  This will not only provide you convenience but the right means and process of wearing the tie. If you will choose the proper tie, you should have the following things in mind, in doing so; there will be a sure way that wearing it will be a memorable one.



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