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Neck Tie colors and your Personality

Different Tie Colors: Wear What Reflects Your Personality.


In the modern day’s fashion, a tie has a significant role in expressing one’s style and mood. With the use of ties, a unique touch is being incorporated to the traditional suit. It serves as a centerpiece that brings out life in an outfit or turns your plain suit into an elegant one. Therefore, selecting a tie will be an imperious and meaningful decision to make. The choice of design, material, detail and especially the color will set its purpose and prominence. Every color on your outfit has something to say about your personality and the mode of your style. So, choosing the color will let you to express your fashion statement and at the same time, the attitude and the mood you have.


Here, the important application of proper choice of tie color will be discussed to designate the style and message it features.


Purple tie


Most often, men avoid wearing ties that comes in purple color. Apparently, purple tie draws attention and it is a good thing in demonstrating your unique personality and the comfort you feel while you are wearing it. Traditionally, the color purple is associated with royalty and wealth and the purple tie will let you display luxury and confidence. Also, it symbolizes power, ambition and nobility. By wearing  a purple tie. it means that you are full of wisdom, creativity, independence, dignity and mystery.


Pink tie


Wearing a pink tie can reflect your passiveness and feminine qualities. Pink has a popular significance of love, friendship and romance. For you to display the equality and fond to work, try wearing a soft or pink tie. It means that you are interested to develop a solid working relationship. Then, to show your romantic side, wear the darker shade of pink. Another thing, pink would also be perfect for your dates. Usually, is it widely used by the designers on their summer and spring collection.


Silver tie


The occasions that are very suitable for silver tie are cocktails, birthday parties and other celebrations with the same nature because it will make you look neat together with your classic white shirt. Also, wearing silver tie will show your readiness for a formal occasion and that you are of a powerful type of person. It has the similar meaning to the black tie but with the lesser extent for strength, authority, formality, death and mystery. It also denotes that you are ready to uncover a mystery and ready to face uncertainties.


Floral tie


Make sure that your tie matches your suit, shirt and jacket in order for you create the look you wanted to convey to other people. Today, the trend for floral design is now being incorporated to ties. By wearing floral tie together with your suit, you can showcase your sophistication. It can be your signature style for your casual outfit because it is not too loud. It has a vibrant color accent which will display comfort and the cool side of wearing ties.



Bret Rakfeldt