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Matching Tie Knots with Different Shirt Collars

Matching Tie Knots with Different Shirt Collars


When you realize that there is something wrong with your fashion sense, the problem may lie on the relevance of tie knots to your shirt collars. Aside from considering the color of your outfit, it is necessary to think about your collars. Certainly, you will see a big change on how you dress. When other people keep on teasing you, you can prove to all of them that you know what fashion really is. You can surprise them when you have the ideal knot to your shirt. They can admire you as you have a good fashion style as well. When you do not have any idea on the right tie knot to your shirt collars, you do not have to worry as the following can guide you.


If you have a button-down collar, you can use a four-in-hand knot. You will definitely achieve all things you consider. You will not only look professional but also, you will be handsome in the eyes of the girls you will meet on your way. You can stop those people who say negative things about your outfit everyday. You can change their impression about you into something positive that can give you more inspiration and motivation to be fully aware with the latest trends.


For straight collar, classic collar or straight-point, you can also use a four-in-hand knot. If you want to match other tie knots to your shirt collar, you can do so. Nevertheless, you should consider your outfit at all times. Most importantly, you can choose whatever tie you want as long as you feel comfortable and confident with it. If you feel uncomfortable with your choice, there are excellent alternatives you can choose.


When your shirt has a spread collar, it requires a wider tie knot like a half-Windsor knot or a full Windsor. When you choose the former one, you will have an elegant and jaunty look. However, if you are looking for real sophistication, the latter one is the best for you. It can also make you classy in people’s eyes. Whether you want a half or full Windsor, you have the leeway on what to select. Just make sure that you feel comfortable and happy with your attire.


Apart from that, when you have shirts with semi spread collar, you can use a smaller tie knot and thinner ties. You will truly look good and have a more versatile and modern style. If you do not have any idea on how to use the kind of knot for your shirt collar, you can ask for help from your friends, family relatives and other people. If they cannot assist you, you can search online. You can find all answers for your questions.

Four-in-hand knot, half and full Windsor and smaller tie knot are a few of your options to match your shirt collars. There are still other knots you can make as one of your choices. If you consider the relevance of tie knot to your collar, you will look stunning and appealing and if you work in a company that obliges you to wear a formal or casual attire, you will never face any problem. You can effectively match your chosen shirt with the best tie knot.


Bret Rakfeldt