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Skinny Necktie Questions

FAQ About Skinny Tie


A skinny tie is a fashionable accessory for men at this point in time. A lot of celebrities wear skinny tie on occasion. And as most people are more or less conscious about wearing a typical tie, a lot of questions arise with regards to how to wear a skinny tie as well as how to match it with other parts of the outfit. Here are the most asked questions concerning skinny tie


Q: What width do you consider a tie to be skinny?

A: A typical tie has a dimension ranging from 3.25 to 4 inches. Skinny ties ranges from 1.5 to three inches in width. As of today, the most renowned tie width is from 1.5 inch to 2.5 inch.


Q: How Long Should It Be?


A: The sharp end of the skinny tie must be so close the belt. It might extended about one to two inches below the line of the belt or be higher than two to three inches above the belt.


Q: Can I Use it for the Formal Gatherings?


A: Even if skinny tie is an ideal fit for a casual look, you might wear it to the formal gathering too. For a formal look, pick ties of solid shades or subtle patterns, and then pair them with a typical button down shirt of a solid shade. Thus, you look stylish however formal as well as very professionals.


Q: How do I Make more informal look?


A: Currently, people liked their skinny ties matched with a traditional as well as narrow lapel jackets. At this point in time, they will work with virtually any clothes. On the other hand, this doesn’t show that a skinny tie could be matched with shorts and a t-shirt. You can wear a skinny tie with any kind of a collared dress shirt. Roll up the sleeves and match it with a vest for a very smart and casual look.


Q: Who should use or wear a skinny tie?


A: Skinny tie will look best on slim young men who like to look trendy or stylish in a friendly meeting. When you are either short or tall as well as heavy built, you must stop from wearing a narrow tie. This narrow tie could make a heavily-built individual visually bulkier.


Question: How to tie a skinny? Which tie knot must I choose?


A: It’s easier to tie a skinny tie compared to a typical or traditional tie. One of the most excellent knots for a skinny tie is the simple 4 in hand tie knot. It provides a tie a classy and elegant casual presence. Half-Windsor tie knot is a good option as well. The knot turns out larger than the 4-in-hand knot and its ideal for a more proper look.


Skinny tie is indeed a very important accessory for men. Wearing a skinny tie always produces an air confidence as well as authority. A skinny tie could form the best balance between casual and formal if you want to add a bit flair as well as panache to your look.



Bret Rakfeldt