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Storing Your Neckties So They Won’t Get Messed Up

Storing Your Neckties So They Won’t Get Messed Up

Nice neckties can bring an entire outfit together. These also allow wearers to diversify their wardrobe easily by matching and mixing ties together with different suits and shirts. However, neckties are also delicate. If you do not take good care of them, these will turn out tattered and worn. Neckties must also be stored properly to maintain its ideal condition. The following are helpful necktie storing tips so that your ties will never get messed up:


Purchase Tie Racks

Tie racks are definitely way to go. A nice tie track is undeniably an ideal investment. These racks make organizing and storing your ties lot easier. There are lots of premium quality racks available in the market today. By purchasing a good rack, you can actually save more money in the long run through making your neckties last. If you have more than a dozen of ties, it would be best to purchase tie racks to be able to see your entire collections easily and properly organized. There are few things to be considered when purchasing racks. These include the number of neckties that can fit in the rack, how secure the neckties are and the different rack designs available that will perfectly fit your closet.


In case you do not prefer spending money on tie racks, you can still use hanger or better yet, roll up your neckties and store them properly on you drawer. However, you need to make sure that your neckties are not hung on direct sunlight for this may result to faded colors.


Do Not Overstuff

When storing your ties, do not overstuff. There are common reasons behind this technique. First, keeping space between your neckties allows the fabric to breathe that aids in eliminating unwanted odors. Next is having enough space between each necktie makes it lot easier to find the necktie that you are looking for. This is highly beneficial especially if you are in a hurry.


Sort Properly by Color

When matching necktie to a suit or shirt, color is an important aspect that matters. This therefore makes sense to properly sort your ties by color then arrange them from light up to dark colors.


Storing Your Neckties When Traveling


If you can travel with just two sites, you simply need to roll them up and put your ties in dress shoes. The dress shoes ‘rigidity will keep your neckties from being crushed. One more method that you can take is to fold you neckties in half carefully in a narrow end under a wide end position  then fold in half again. Place the ties in between the layers of your other clothes. This effectively prevents the ties from shifting.


Storing your neckties properly yield to enormous benefits aside from keeping your ties in good condition for long years. Also, everything will turn out convenient for you if your ties are well kept and organized. Follow these tips and enjoy the ease and convenience of finding the tie you are looking for in each and every day to match your outfit.


Bret Rakfeldt