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What shirt to wear or not to wear with a Striped Necktie

Every guy must know which necktie works with a shirt. This is a good approach to fashion and to stand out from the rest of the crowd. shirt tie comboActually, the combination of neck ties and shirts will mean a difficult business. Some have failed to combine the right shirt with a striped necktie. Thus, it is best to ask help from fashion designers out there. You may consider an approach for a solid matching of necktie and shirt.

What shirt to wear with a Striped Necktie?

If you have a striped necktie, it is ideal for you to wear a checkered shirt. This is particularly suggested if you are familiar with the so-called approach of checked coordination. In this clothing match, it is good to know that it is not as complicated as you think it could be. The only basic rule to follow is to find the base color from the neckties and later on find the right shirt.

Plain Colored Shirt

For a brainer or a fashion designer, one will suggest pairing up a plain colored shirt to your striped necktie. For instance, you could pair up a striped necktie to a white shirt or a blue shirt. This will make a perfect pair and will give a good impression to the people around. Care to take a look at those photos on the internet. You will be impressed of the perfect pairing of striped necktie to a plain shirt.

Actually, there are lots of color combinations and striped designs to choose from. In this regard, the same rule still applies-contrast, color and harmony.

What Not to Wear with a Striped Necktie

tiesPatterned or striped shirt is not ideally suggested to be worn with a striped necktie. This is a big no-no to some fashion experts out there. Instead of it being good to look at, it will never achieve it. Of course, you want to wear it and get the great value for your money. Thus, never pair it up with a striped shirt because you will only go out of style.

Nevertheless, if you want to be bold and you want to try it out wearing a shirt with a striped necklace, take care of the issue of balance. Remember that different stripes may create a big difference from the interval and the width of the stripe.

Considering the general rule, the width of the shirt stripes should be wider than those neckties. The color must also be peaceful and neutral if the stripes are applied. If you have too much color, you will end up looking like a clown in circus.

Matching neckties, such as striped neckties to your shirts require a more detailed and closer examination of the three essential components: pattern mixing, tonal considerations and color theory. When you will match a shirt and a striped necktie, you may opt to consider a color wheel which serves as the true foundation of color harmony.

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