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Wear a Necktie that Fits

Wear a Necktie that Fits: Why Should I?


Cheap NecktiesMen love the idea of wearing the best ties. It doesn’t stop there. Corporate occasions and events will make you wear the best suits and neckties. It will provide you the chance to look elegant and classy. However, there are some points that men forget the right purpose of wearing the right tie. Some buy a necktie that is too loose or will not fit the design and pattern of the suit they are wearing. It would be a good way in making the right move wearing a tie.


The perfect fit. This is an important reason that you should consider in purchasing a tuxedo bow tie or any other necktie. In wearing the right fit, you will achieve not only the comfort and elegance of wearing a tie but also the simplicity of it. This will guarantee you that you have the edge in having a dignified look that is fit for a man. In wearing the right tie, there are forms of designs and patterns that you should consider, this will let you make the most of the necktie and the suit you are wearing.


If you are into floral ties, considering the right fit will provide you the assurance that you will have a good look in any event that you will be attending. The design and ways of tying the tie will create a good impression that the appearance will be perfect. This could also be made by giving an emphasis on the color of the tie and the kind of event you will have. Corporate events require a simple or a specific kind of tie that will resemble the theme of the party or occasion. If your tie has a right combination and fit in your neck, a successful event will be assured.


cheap necktiesIn having, a peach tie or any type of neckties, the lining, and the fabric should match your shirt or suit in order to take a progressive outcome in the event. Neckties that are worn in the right color and size have a great effect that would provide comfort and convenience most of the time. In wearing a necktie that fits, you will have a great way to choose other forms of neckties and become creative in wearing it. This will provide you a good way in making the right result in wearing neckties.


If you will choose a yellow tie or formally designed style, try to make the best tie knot in order to have a comfortable and excellent way of wearing it. The time that you will make the right procedure is the time that the necktie will fit the personality that you have. In doing so, there is an assurance that you a necktie will give the best in you if the way of wearing it is made in the right manner as possible. This will be considered an effective way in wearing any kind of necktie that you want. Thus, you will not have any problem with having an awkward feeling in attending events.

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Neck ties and Suits: Make These Match

If you are going to an important event, you will typically want the best dress combination that will make you look professional in the event. You might think many considerations but if you know what you are doing, then you are all set for the big night. The problem is, how will match your cheap neckties with the expensive suit that you have. This could cause a major dilemma in thinking of the right pattern of the neck tie or the color of it. Well, all you need are a few tips and a little makeover of your dressing style.

choose bow tie

Do not Waste Time: Make It Work

There are different sets of neckties that can be bought in the market but not all of them will match the suit you are wearing. As with neck ties, suits have also different designs and sizes. You can’t just pick it in random order. There must be a sort of balance between your suit and the necktie. If not, you will have a hard time in putting the perfect match. A good necktie and suit match is not only seen in the color or pattern of the suit and neck tie but to the comfort of the wearer in wearing it. There must be a form of unique blend in the combination.

Make the Simple Approach but Elegant Style

Most men who are wearing custom ties forgot the idea of being creative. If you are not creative in dressing or choosing the necktie you want, there might be a problem in the way you are going to wear it. Neck ties and suits also need the right adjustments in order for it to have the look that will match your personality. In having the right combination and artistic touch, you are expected to go a long way in wearing the necktie that you want. Thus, the next time you will attend an event, you will already know the right combination that you will wear.

Match it with the Necktie with the Suit and not the Suit to the Necktie

Some men commit great mistake in matching the suit with their neck tie. This is good at times but not that good. In matching the necktie and the suit, there should have the guarantee that you are thinking about the necktie and not the suit. You can also do cool tie knots in order to add a twist to the attire you are making. Adding a creative touch to the attire will provide you an edge in achieving the attire makeover you like.

Omg Best Necktie Ever

It is quite easy to match the suit and tie if you know the tricks in doing this. This will be a great way in making you look pleasing to the event. With the right combination, the right attire will be achieved whether you are wearing a purple tie or are fond with custom bow ties. This will be a sure way to make a memorable and great experience most of the time as you attend parties.

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The Perfect Combinations of Ties and Suits

The Perfect Combinations of Ties and Suits for Men


A smart tie and suit can surely make any man stand out from the rest in whatever situation. Are you out of inspiration or can’t seem to crack the perfect tie and suit color combo for you next suit up? You’re in the right place because below are few of the best and killer ties and suit combinations tips you can use.


How to Match Your Tie to Your Suit


Running out of color combination ideas? Take a lot at this color wheel to know which ones complement each other and which ones don’t. Remember that less is more when you’re in a suit. It’s not necessary to go out with crazy colors. Juts make a statement by layering with the perfect tones. Harmonize the warm with the cool colors.




Grey Suit and Tie Combinations



Grey is a wardrobe staple in the suit department. It has a range of different shades from charcoal to lighter tones. This offers versatility, which means it can complement with many colors. A grey suit is ideal for first interviews and even for weddings. It’s a relaxed alternation for a black suit but not less formal.



Grey Suit Black Tie – Black tie has always been a formal option. But it can be very strong when matched with a grey jacket. It works better with pale grey because it may get lost with dark colors. Opt for light-colored shirt underneath. Sky blue and white are perfect choices to complement black ties.
Grey Suit Blue Tie – If the grey is on the charcoal end of the wheel, choose a deeper navy blue tie. Pale grey suit also look good with bright, bold ties with polka dots pattern.
Grey Suit Red Tie – Red ties stand out against white shirts. Color wise, choose a softer shade of grey.
Grey Suit Purple Tie – Purple ties may seem adventurous and can be hard to match with a wardrobe but they can fit with grey suits impressively. Because it’s a bold color, it’s good for slightly darker tones of grey. This allows greater contrast.
Dark Grey Suit – Dark base cries for lighter shirt. White is always an option and more flexible with ties. Try to stick with browns, navy blues, and darker reds.




Black Suit Combinations



Black suits are classic-looking and versatile but are often termed to be boring and less adventurous but they don’t have to be that way. There are many options to enliven the palette and achieve the striking, smart effect. Black affords the luxury of adding more bold color splashes to it.


Black Suit Red Tie – Combination of black suit and red tie is very popular. Red provides a sharp, emphatic contrast and brightens appearance. The different shades of red give you room to tryout deeper tones. Polka detail is nice with a pocket square.
Light Blue Suits – Light blue is a bold choice. Brown is ideal for it. Brown and blue is a match made in heaven. Play with this strength and choose a golden brown tie with a pocket square combination over your white shirt.
With all the combinations, suiting up is always a fun thing to do for you. This is a chance for you to embrace a unique style and impress others with your stuff.




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Men’s Fashion Tips

Men’s Fashion Tips


Throughout the years, men have been as fashionable as they can be. They are now more conscious about how they look in the eyes of the others and so, they willingly adapt themselves to the current fashion trends. They also want to upgrade their fashion even by the simple means of wearing the best ties. So, in order to help you out, below are some tips you can consider.


·         Keep it simple


Always keep in mind that you should never overdo it for if you do, they you might be a laughing stock for other people. If you are the type of person who is fond of wearing jewelry, try to limit it to 3 jewelries. Also, you need not spend a large amount of money to become stylish for you can just purchase cheap neckties and that would do the work for you.


·         Don’t be too obsessed in following the latest fashion trends


Remember that fashion trends come and go. It changes so fast that if you follow it all the time, you should be willing to spend a lot of money for it. So, it would be best for you to purchase clothing that would be fit for different seasons and for long years or the so called classic clothing like a shirt and tie.


·         Wear matching clothing and accessories


For sure, you would have a certain outfit theme for the day and so, better make sure that your clothing and accessories matches well with each other. For example, if you are wearing a rugged top, then you need to wear a rugged bottom as well. On the other hand, if you are going for a professional look, you can wear a black tie, shirt, suit and a watch to complete your look.


·         Opt for blue and white shirts


There are many colors in the world, so why blue and white? This is because that look good in almost all body types and complexions. It’s not only that for it is quite easily to liven up such clothing. In fact, just wearing it together with a bright colored bow tie pattern or a designer tie would be enough to make you look stylish.


·         Get a nice tie


You might not know it but oftentimes, the tie that you are wearing is one of the first thing that people notices about you. So, make sure to buy and wear a nice tie at all times. Even the cheap ties will do as long as it looks decent, it’s tip is about the same length as you belt line and whose width is about 2-3 quarter inches. In other words, it should be narrow but not super skinny.


Apart from wearing the typical ties, bow ties are cool as well but it would still depend on what clothes you are wearing. More than that, it is always important to wear a smile at all times. That way, your fashion statement would always be complete and that would also make you look fantastic.




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Men’s Suit Tie and Shoes

Men’s Suit Tie and Shoes


Black suit tie and black shoes work great if you are going to a funeral. However, most of the time, we are quite more colorful in our wardrobes. How do you match your light grey, navy, or brown suit to your shoes?


Black suit and tie


A black suit tie may not be the best choice in most situations, but if you find yourself wearing a black suit for any exceptional reason, the rules for matching your suit to your shoes will have limitations. Black suit calls for black shoes. There are no alternatives, no options, and no cool combinations of color. A plain black suit will only demand for black shoes.


Navy suit and tie


This is where it begins to get more exciting. Unlike the black or charcoal suit, a navy suit has been more dynamic and it gives a bit more flexibility and freedom to find interesting combinations in shoes. You may go with the most formal and obvious option, which is black shoes On the other hand, you can always try brown, light brown, and burgundy too. These 2 colors have always been great options if you want to go for a more adventurous look with a navy suit.


Charcoal suit and tie


It is the best alternative for men who still want to wear a dark suit and is close to black, and you will have any problems just as with a black suit. The dark nature of this suit calls for dark shoes. In a charcoal suit, you must never go for light colored shoes. You can go for black, a dark shade of brown, or a very dark burgundy.


Gray suit and tie


This suit is quite similar to a charcoal suit when it comes to the shoe colors that will match them. On the other hand, a lighter shade of gray suit gives you more possible combinations with lighter colored shoes. Different shades of brown, black shoes, and burgundy shoes will look great in a gray suit. Just keep it simple. The formality level that you are trying to accomplish will be the most essential element when select the right shoes.


Blue suit and tie


A blue suit is actually very similar to navy suit not only when it comes to color, but also about how easy they can be matched with shoes. The only difference is that blue suit allows lighter shades of shoes because of the suit’s light color. You can take your pick from burgundy, tan, black, and most shades of brown.


Brown suit and tie


It can be a little tricky to match yours shoes to a brown suit. There are people who would say that you can match a brown suit and tie with brown shoes, but it is not actually recommended for a shade of brown to match too close to the color of your suit. It would make a better choice to have tan shoes or lighter shade of brown in a brown suit.



As with all colors, the most essential thing to keep in mind is avoiding things that are close but not quite matching. Those will be the worst-looking clashes to see. Just keep the contrast clear and you will be fine.




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Men’s Suits and Ties

Men’s Suits and Ties


Suits and ties have been used for many years. Whether it is a small or big occasion, the wearing of suits and ties are often seen. Men love to wear these not only in gatherings but also when it comes to attending corporate meetings functions.  These have become a part of fashion and remains to be used even in today’s time. From the past years, designs and a new combination of colors were added by designers and dressmakers.  This resulted in a profound development of men’s suits and ties. If you are into wearing this type of formal attire, you must set know first the things to consider in wearing the right kinds of men suits or ties.


Think first of the convenience


The wearing of a tie or suit is not only to look good or to get showy in a ball or in the conference room. You must first consider your comfort and convenience. If not, there is a big chance that you might felt uneasy with the suit or tie that you have. Remember that in wearing these, you should be comfortable because it would not be worth it if your Fancy tie knots are not balanced or your suit is too loose. This will only create problems in your get up.


Why need do I need to change my Suit?


Okay, you have the best deals on suits at home. These all look good however, your tie does not match the color of your suit. For example, if you were going to wear a dark blue suit, a Yellow bow tie would not be the one for it. This could be shameful on your part. However, if you will match the right tie with the suit, there will be an assurance that you will end up perfect in the gathering that you have attended.


Make the Design Fit


Men’s suits have several designs that you can choose. However, with this, comes the responsibility of making the right design fit for you. This will assure you that you have picked the right combination. You might take a quick look in the mirror to make sure if the suit and tie will right to your height or body figure. This might end up in a disaster scenario if you could not do it. You should still be wise to come up with the proper ways in wearing your ties and suits.


Trust the Designer and Fit it to the Occasion


If you are fond of Designer ties, you should be aware of trusting the designer of the tie or suit for example. If not you will have a problem in attending a meeting or ball once again. It would be best also if you wear the suit and tie in the right occasion.


Whether it is a Christmas tie or a Silver bow tie, you should know how to wear it. It would be a wise deal if men’s suits and ties will be worn in an excellent way. This will give you an edge in attending any many major or minor event.




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