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Neck Tie Bars

Everything about Neck Tie Bars You Need to Know About


Years ago, a little slice of metal called tie bar became a trendy, unique and enticing finishing touch to men’s style. Men are getting more interested in making their fashion style more stunning and elegant with the use of accessories on their suit and tie. This one including the small piece of metal turns every style more stylish. However, before you get a tie bar for yourself, you must learn the following things you need to know about it for you to completely discover its real essence in styling and for you to successfully walk with confidence and elegance.


The purpose. Yes, it is shiny which makes it attractive but apart from that, it is also functional. Its actual purpose is to keep your neck ties in place and as you wear it, it must be fastened into your shirt’s placket. So, it is ideal for you to choose a good one to keep it attached regardless of your movements.


The placement. It terms of the placement of the tie bar, it is quite easy to bring it too high or low. But, if you wanted to place it in the perfect spot, it will be the area between third and fourth button of the shirt, just below the pectoral muscles.


The size. Well, the size of your tie bar should not be wider than your necktie. There might be different lengths when it comes to necktie bars. Yet, it would be perfect to choose ¾ the width of your tie.


The detail. For you to experience a constricted look and visual appeal through you’re wearing your tie bar, why not pull your necktie upward to top it slightly before you fasten it. Another thing, it will give more emphasis on your outfit.


The style. There is no limit when it comes to the styles of tie necktie bars for comes in two excellent styles namely the slide clasp and pinch clasp. The pinch clasp will give you more secure placement and it will stay in place better. On the other hand, if you prefer a thin tie, the deal tie bar for you is the slide clasp for it will look visible and will not lay flat.


The occasion. The necktie bars will give a fun and formal appeal, making it best for both play and work. It is not ideal during somber occasions or any other event that requires serious and solid impressions. Also, never wear it during your job interview for it will also make you look as if you are trying to be cool.


The color. The silver one will always match anything which is perfect for you to look great at all times and if you are wearing a gold accessory, try to have a gold tie bar to complement it. Moreover, avoid colorful necktie bars to keep yourself away from trying too hard to look good.


The necktie bars, despite it’s small size, can have the biggest impact on your look. So, never have second thoughts of going out into an event with a tie bar to complete your style.



Bret Rakfeldt