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Bowtie Myths

Myths about Bowties


Bow ties, in spite of the growing popularity the last couple of years are one of the many men’s garments which get the most horrible reputation. What is the main reason for this worst reputation? Of course myths which have been made as well as perpetuated around this accessory for a very long time now. Below are some of the bow ties myths that every man should know.

This is not Elegant as the Classy, Striking, and Long Neckties


This is false. For your information bow tie could be as striking and classy as a necktie. As a matter of fact, have you ever thought why tuxedo is supposed to be worn with a bow tie and not tie? In spite of the present acceptable fashion of wearing a tie instead, for sure you will not digress. That is due to the fact that this accessory (bow tie) could add an additional flair, an additional grace or style to a dapper outfit and yes, utter classy is what tuxedo is all about. So, what about bow tie with an everyday suit? For sure, cool neckties will go ideally with suits, however so does a good bow tie provided the fact that it is well coordinated with your other ensemble. If grace is what you are going for, you are killing it with bow ties. There’s no need for you to go to run for a necktie when you seem like wearing a bow tie. A lot of people love neckties while some go for bow ties. It is just about making a choice.


Bow Tie is Stupid


How could a piece of garment be considered dim? There are many people share this belief. There are gentlemen out there who are not certain they must wear a bow tie yet again. These men accessories look stupid? If you hear somebody say that your bow ties look dull, ask him graciously to reconsider his situation.


Bow Ties are just for Mature or Old People


Why or how would this accessory be just for mature or old people? These days’ old men were not mature men from 5 decades ago. They are more fashionable and trendy. When you visit offices or attend any occasion count how many mature men are wearing this accessory anyway? You will see very few old men or absolutely none. In various events like prom, wedding, you will see lots of young men wearing bow ties.


For sure those who are responsible for this myth falls into any of these categories:


He has never really tried to wear a bow tie: A lot of people simply want to be negative concerning many things.
He never uses lace up shoes: As trying this accessory is relatively much just the precise same as tying the shoelaces, simply around your neck. It is type of a reflected series or version of a similar knot, however the fundamental is the firmly the same.
He has highly developed Arthritis: What are the likely reason can there be to think about bow ties hard or challenging to tie? If you experience from arthritis or any medical condition, then yes, this accessory could be so hard to tie. For some, no one’s buying the unnecessary excuses.


Bow Ties are just in Tuxes


You educated a bit from the first discredited myth that this accessory is not intended to be used just with tuxes. Let’s go deeper with this. You can use this accessory, normally anything you like. We are talking about suit and not your fitness gym outfit. Wearing a well fitted, nice suit with this accessory is perfect, suitable option to wearing a tie or necktie. If nothing else, at least for the fact if how exciting it is not wearing the same kind of outfit each single day.


Dick the coat, wear cardigan with v-neck style. Match the tie to bright suspenders. No matter what you want, do it and never keep the ties hidden or conceal until that chance to wear tux arises.


Bret Rakfeldt