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Tie Cleaning 101

Tie Cleaning 101: How to Take Good Care of your Tie


The perfect tie has the ability to uplift any look and offer you the right touch of professionalism. Neckties enable you to create your wardrobe more adaptable, as it’s another element, which you can combine with different suits and shirts for endless outfit combinations. If you are working with a less number of ties, a new one can add some variety, but an unkempt one will make you look disordered, no matter what the rest of your appearance might be. Your ties should be cared for so they last, as long as possible and so they will keep you looking great as possible.


Store your Ties Properly


You are aware that ties are easily disfigured and delicate ones. After you are done removing the tie, hang it up right away to allow the creases fall out. Even though rolling the ties and putting them in your drawer does not damage them necessarily, draping your ties, in the long run, will retain its form and lessen wrinkling. It would be better if you will buy a tie rack that will make storing of your tie much easier.


Regular Maintenance is a Must


Every time you go home from your work, removing your tie properly will make a huge difference on the overall condition of your tie. As much as possible, do not pull the thin end of it by the knot, or you will run the danger of destroying the shape of the tie. As an alternative, take off the tie through following the steps on untying a tie. Plus, make sure that you don’t leave the knots in your neckties every time, not in use. This is a certain way to make permanent creases in it, which will leave it looking limp.


Clean your Ties Properly and Carefully


Compare to normal clothing that you use every day, the best way to clean your neckties is when they are dirty. As much as possible, do not wash them after every wear. Did you know that washing ties could be a risky game? However, if you will pay attention to the details and will be careful and attentive on the type of fabric your tie is made of, everything will go smoothly.


Furthermore, remember that either all ties must be dry-cleaned or hand washed, depending on the material. Doing an air-drying to your tie is also a safe means to go.


Removing Stains


Cleaning a stain on your tie is a frustrating job. Here are some tips you can do to remove stains on your precious ties:


•        Oil Based Stains – The best way to remove oil-based stains is to use talcum powder.


•        Water-Based Stains – Make use of dab and cloth with a small amount of water


•        Serious Stains – Mild cleaning agents or spot removers can be used to remove serious stains. But, you need to test first the back of the tie to guarantee that the remover agent will not ruin it.


If you are having a hard time to clean your ties, then the best solution you can do is to bring it to a reliable dry cleaning service you can trust.




Bret Rakfeldt