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Men’s Skinny Ties

Men’s Skinny Ties


With regards to fashion and their clothes, men do not have as many choices as women do to broaden your appearance, unless they like to follow fading trends and risk falling into laugh at. One of the best accessories men can have in their closet is the tie, this versatile piece of cloth which can be worn both informally and formally.


These days, you’re going to talk about skinny ties for men and describe how and when they could be worn. These fashionable accessories could be worn by any kind of man, at any age; however it is essential to know how to go with them to the rest of the outfit.


Skinny ties for men were introduced towards the end of the 1960s and they were made trendy by bands like The Beatles. If you want to understand how to know skinny ties, you must know that their match must not exceed 1.5 to 2.5 inches.


What is more, they are not really ideal all year round, however are rather suitable for summer or spring, if they could be visible and matched with the best clothes. Like for instance, a skinny tie for men will go better with a suit which has narrow lapel, as it restates the thin lines of the necktie.


The best thing about skinny ties for men is that they could be worn with casual or informal outfits. You can even match these ties to a pair of jeans or skinny shirt to which a blazer jacket can be added.


Also, it’s essential to say that if you like to wear your skinny tie with a suit, 1 or 2 button suits are more appropriate. It is also important to consider the way you knots your skinny ties, seem like it is with any other kind of necktie. For skinny ties, it’s recommended to use the four in hand knot that is rather asymmetric and thus more appropriate for such a fashionable getup.


You could find tutorials and tips on how to tie such a knot online. Sad to say, a lot of skinny ties are also pretentious in selecting their men, as they are fitting for tall, rather slim men; stockier men must avoid them, as it makes them look even bulkier.


Skinny ties are also a little bit showy with regards to fabrics and patterns, so you must avoid wearing any which have regimental stripes or polka dots. Rather, go for knits, solid colors, and modern stripes as well as even checkered.


Nevertheless, you must also trust your gut feeling with regards to selecting skinny ties. It is essential to consider your personal style, your way of expression as well as preferences.


It is essential to know how to wear skinny ties properly, how to accessorize these types of ties and when to wear them. While skinny ties are suitable for both casual and formal outfits, you need to avoid suits that have wide lapels, shirts with wide collars as well as intricate and heavy patterns.




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Silver Tie

Silver Tie: Why Every Businessman Should Wear It


When you look around, you will great amount of color in silver for contemporary technology gadgets to containers and make up tubes. Silver is the norm plate for contemporary building objects in infrastructures and complexes of today. Silver is also the hype of today’s city fashion and wearing a silver tie signifies you are “in” or your adapting with the trend.


The significance of blending with the environment when talking about fashion is extremely essential. Belongingness is one important benefit you get when you keep yourself informed with the newly out clothing ideas most essentially with regards to neckties.


Wearing a silver tie over a white t-shirt can give you with an extremely crisp look. You simply make yourself appropriate for the current phase of life in the city. With silver neckties, you’ll never run out of fashion as silver seems to be the preferred icon for modernity. When you’re working for a company the tie reflects the devotion you have for the business that you are promoting.


The level of credibility might as well increase as you convince more clients and customers. More deals will be closed the more you profits are and your silver tie has contributed on those gains you get.


City lifestyle is full of competition however it is also very fulfilling. You require having an exceptional name your own to leave a mark to the clients. One way is by means of wearing a silver tie that you can wear while making business with. A simple outfit could make a lasting impression and you like that impression to be beneficial on your part.


Maybe the best way to draw in more customers is to allow them to become aware of your presence in modern trends and fashion to be clothed with the modern fashion is one. You can’t afford to miss on a remarkable deal simply because you look inapt for the job assigned to you or you look ridiculous with your inapt tie.


As a result you have to coordinate well with your environment for a good public relation is something you can’t just buy. It largely depends on your reliability as well as integrity as a seller and how you show yourself to your clients.


You need to keep in mind that personality both inside and outside is very important in the success of your business. When you have good personality, you can easily attract clients and customers as they believe that you are trustworthy and an honest person. You can enhance this personality with the use of silver tie.


All in all a silver tie neatly attached on your collar is a good manifestation of a real gentleman willing to do real and genuine business. When you’re looking forward to closing an important deal, put on your silver tie and match it with good suit. This will boost your personality and your confidence in general and you are 100 percent sure to have the deal in not time.



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Wear a Necktie that Fits

Wear a Necktie that Fits: Why Should I?


Cheap NecktiesMen love the idea of wearing the best ties. It doesn’t stop there. Corporate occasions and events will make you wear the best suits and neckties. It will provide you the chance to look elegant and classy. However, there are some points that men forget the right purpose of wearing the right tie. Some buy a necktie that is too loose or will not fit the design and pattern of the suit they are wearing. It would be a good way in making the right move wearing a tie.


The perfect fit. This is an important reason that you should consider in purchasing a tuxedo bow tie or any other necktie. In wearing the right fit, you will achieve not only the comfort and elegance of wearing a tie but also the simplicity of it. This will guarantee you that you have the edge in having a dignified look that is fit for a man. In wearing the right tie, there are forms of designs and patterns that you should consider, this will let you make the most of the necktie and the suit you are wearing.


If you are into floral ties, considering the right fit will provide you the assurance that you will have a good look in any event that you will be attending. The design and ways of tying the tie will create a good impression that the appearance will be perfect. This could also be made by giving an emphasis on the color of the tie and the kind of event you will have. Corporate events require a simple or a specific kind of tie that will resemble the theme of the party or occasion. If your tie has a right combination and fit in your neck, a successful event will be assured.


cheap necktiesIn having, a peach tie or any type of neckties, the lining, and the fabric should match your shirt or suit in order to take a progressive outcome in the event. Neckties that are worn in the right color and size have a great effect that would provide comfort and convenience most of the time. In wearing a necktie that fits, you will have a great way to choose other forms of neckties and become creative in wearing it. This will provide you a good way in making the right result in wearing neckties.


If you will choose a yellow tie or formally designed style, try to make the best tie knot in order to have a comfortable and excellent way of wearing it. The time that you will make the right procedure is the time that the necktie will fit the personality that you have. In doing so, there is an assurance that you a necktie will give the best in you if the way of wearing it is made in the right manner as possible. This will be considered an effective way in wearing any kind of necktie that you want. Thus, you will not have any problem with having an awkward feeling in attending events.

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Tie Cleaning 101

Tie Cleaning 101: How to Take Good Care of your Tie


The perfect tie has the ability to uplift any look and offer you the right touch of professionalism. Neckties enable you to create your wardrobe more adaptable, as it’s another element, which you can combine with different suits and shirts for endless outfit combinations. If you are working with a less number of ties, a new one can add some variety, but an unkempt one will make you look disordered, no matter what the rest of your appearance might be. Your ties should be cared for so they last, as long as possible and so they will keep you looking great as possible.


Store your Ties Properly


You are aware that ties are easily disfigured and delicate ones. After you are done removing the tie, hang it up right away to allow the creases fall out. Even though rolling the ties and putting them in your drawer does not damage them necessarily, draping your ties, in the long run, will retain its form and lessen wrinkling. It would be better if you will buy a tie rack that will make storing of your tie much easier.


Regular Maintenance is a Must


Every time you go home from your work, removing your tie properly will make a huge difference on the overall condition of your tie. As much as possible, do not pull the thin end of it by the knot, or you will run the danger of destroying the shape of the tie. As an alternative, take off the tie through following the steps on untying a tie. Plus, make sure that you don’t leave the knots in your neckties every time, not in use. This is a certain way to make permanent creases in it, which will leave it looking limp.


Clean your Ties Properly and Carefully


Compare to normal clothing that you use every day, the best way to clean your neckties is when they are dirty. As much as possible, do not wash them after every wear. Did you know that washing ties could be a risky game? However, if you will pay attention to the details and will be careful and attentive on the type of fabric your tie is made of, everything will go smoothly.


Furthermore, remember that either all ties must be dry-cleaned or hand washed, depending on the material. Doing an air-drying to your tie is also a safe means to go.


Removing Stains


Cleaning a stain on your tie is a frustrating job. Here are some tips you can do to remove stains on your precious ties:


•        Oil Based Stains – The best way to remove oil-based stains is to use talcum powder.


•        Water-Based Stains – Make use of dab and cloth with a small amount of water


•        Serious Stains – Mild cleaning agents or spot removers can be used to remove serious stains. But, you need to test first the back of the tie to guarantee that the remover agent will not ruin it.


If you are having a hard time to clean your ties, then the best solution you can do is to bring it to a reliable dry cleaning service you can trust.




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Neck ties and Suits: Make These Match

If you are going to an important event, you will typically want the best dress combination that will make you look professional in the event. You might think many considerations but if you know what you are doing, then you are all set for the big night. The problem is, how will match your cheap neckties with the expensive suit that you have. This could cause a major dilemma in thinking of the right pattern of the neck tie or the color of it. Well, all you need are a few tips and a little makeover of your dressing style.

choose bow tie

Do not Waste Time: Make It Work

There are different sets of neckties that can be bought in the market but not all of them will match the suit you are wearing. As with neck ties, suits have also different designs and sizes. You can’t just pick it in random order. There must be a sort of balance between your suit and the necktie. If not, you will have a hard time in putting the perfect match. A good necktie and suit match is not only seen in the color or pattern of the suit and neck tie but to the comfort of the wearer in wearing it. There must be a form of unique blend in the combination.

Make the Simple Approach but Elegant Style

Most men who are wearing custom ties forgot the idea of being creative. If you are not creative in dressing or choosing the necktie you want, there might be a problem in the way you are going to wear it. Neck ties and suits also need the right adjustments in order for it to have the look that will match your personality. In having the right combination and artistic touch, you are expected to go a long way in wearing the necktie that you want. Thus, the next time you will attend an event, you will already know the right combination that you will wear.

Match it with the Necktie with the Suit and not the Suit to the Necktie

Some men commit great mistake in matching the suit with their neck tie. This is good at times but not that good. In matching the necktie and the suit, there should have the guarantee that you are thinking about the necktie and not the suit. You can also do cool tie knots in order to add a twist to the attire you are making. Adding a creative touch to the attire will provide you an edge in achieving the attire makeover you like.

Omg Best Necktie Ever

It is quite easy to match the suit and tie if you know the tricks in doing this. This will be a great way in making you look pleasing to the event. With the right combination, the right attire will be achieved whether you are wearing a purple tie or are fond with custom bow ties. This will be a sure way to make a memorable and great experience most of the time as you attend parties.

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Easy Steps to Tie a Bow

Tie It Like A Gentleman – Easy Steps to Tie a Bow


So you have been invited to a formal event or a business cocktail. If you are in the situation when there’s no one who can help you tie your bowtie, you are possibly thinking how you are going to tie them. Today is the ideal time to learn how to do that process on your own.


The History of Bow Tie


A bow tie is known to be an inheritor of the knotted cravat. It was born from the necessity for neckwear, which was simpler than the cravat, at the same time that would last all the way through a more active day. At present, bow ties were worn by men on formal occasions, but in the past 10 years, these have been used for every day.


A lot of men think this task is difficult and they stay away from bowties as much as possible. The fact here is that these could make them remarkable in a crowd and one will always gain more respect than others, as not every man wears them and a lot of who wear them doesn’t know how to tie them properly. Further, the prettier versions will get seen by experienced people and will not help you gain the right kind of respect. Given that a lot of people are not familiar of tying these correctly, knowing the steps on how to tie a bowtie on the right way is at all times beneficial.


Here are the steps that will tell you the proper way of tying a bow tie:


1.        Wear it around your neck. While you are wearing it, ensure that the right end is stretched more than the left end; preferably one inch or a little more.


2.        Cross the right end on the left. Ensure that you’re crossing over the left end and not under it. Take a loop then tight it on your neck.


3.        Grab the left end and fold it to the right side.


4.        Pull the right end slowly to create the small opening.


5.        Pass the right end over this opening and ensure that you hold the knot resolutely.


6.        After the knot is made, pull the both ends of the bow in order to make it even. Ensure that you’re doing this lightly to achieve a uniform position.


The art of tying a bow is as simple as tying the strings of your shoes. The stereotype contaminant with bow ties is that they are commonly utilized by professors, doctors, and other professionals in the same respected designations. These days, one can get the prettier versions that come with elastic detachable hooks. If you wear them in your collar, the hook would go behind the collar, which is not very noticeable. Nevertheless, a lot of experts advise wearing the conventional bow ties, which must be tied up manually.


To sum up, it takes a time to tie your bow perfectly; however, with patience and continuous practice, you can achieve this goal very easily. After you have achieved it, you’ll find bowties to be relaxed to tie similar with neckties.



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How to Pick the Right Navy Necktie

Navy Blue Tie: How to Pick the Right One


Navy blue uniforms are common not only in the military service but also in formal wear. There are many kinds of blue suits in the market and most of this will fit your preference. Whether it is a blue suit or a dark blue suit, a right tie will match it. You will have the awesome experience if you will match the right navy blue bow tie with the suit.


The following are the essential things to consider in wearing navy blue ties:


Go for Comfort   


You have chosen the color of your choice and you love the price. However, there seems to be a problem when you are already wearing it. The tie should have the right fit in your neck in order to ensure that you will find convenience in wearing it. This would guarantee that you would have an effective way in wearing the tie. Do look at the edges of the tie, feel its fabric in order to select the right tie for you.


Weigh in the Brand and Materials   


You will have an edge if the ties you will select is a known brand. This will make an assurance that the right tie will be selected. If the tie you will purchase is a trusted brand, you will not have any problem with using or wearing the tie. If you will know this from the start, there will be an assurance that the comfort and convenience of wearing the tie will be achieved in no time.  In doing so, the fabric or design of the tie will have a high quality.


Listen to the Experts  

People who have large experience with ties could give a wise remark on how to choose the right cheap neckties. This will provide you a hint on the things that you should consider in wearing the perfect tie. People have different ideas about the different ties that they have bought. Therefore, if you will buy one, you will know the navy tie to select. There will be a sure way for you to achieve that convenience. It should be noted that opinions from necktie expert are very important in choosing the navy tie that is fit for you.


Look at the Price but Take Note of the Quality 


An excellent navy blue tie is not only seen on the brand but in the price tag as well. If you are going to pick the right one, consider custom ties for a change and see its effect on your uniform. This will make it easier for you to select the right one that will give you comforts.


Whether it is black tie or blue navy tie, you will have an edge if you will pick the right one.  This will not only provide you convenience but the right means and process of wearing the tie. If you will choose the proper tie, you should have the following things in mind, in doing so; there will be a sure way that wearing it will be a memorable one.



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Effective Tips on Avoiding Tie Mistakes

Effective Tips on Avoiding Tie Mistakes


Wearing the best ties is not easy, especially for men. They do not know the one that suits their attire and needs. They always make a mistake in choosing the most amazing tie for them. When you have the same situation, there are no worries as here are the not to wear tips you can employ. Most importantly, you need to have a little knowledge on the excellent neck ties for you.


·         Consider your daily outfit – Whatever your outfit is, you have to consider it so that you can choose the tie that suits your specific needs. When you need to look formal as it is required by the company where you work at, you can use a black tie or a silver tie. Once you always consider your daily attire, you will never struggle on what to wear. If you decide to wear a semi-formal outfit, you can take custom ties into consideration.



·         Avoid Kitschy Novelty Ties – When you will be attending a formal occasion, never wear a kitschy novelty tie as you cannot achieve your preferred look. Though there are some men who use it, there are excellent alternatives you deserve. Depending on the theme of an event, you may employ the tie.



·         Stained or Wrinkled Neckties – Neckties are considered as the focal point of anyone’s ensemble. So, stained or wrinkled necktie is easily noticeable. You just have to iron all your ties before wearing one of them. Although you do not have enough amount of time, you have to do the process so that you will look professional and formal at all times. You will also get the trust and respect of other people.



To avoid neckties that get stained and wrinkled, you have to make an option with durable quality from a reputable product provider. In doing so, you can have a choice which you can utilize for a long time. Furthermore, you need to give care and attention in using all your ties.



·         Clashing Colors and Patterns–There are a lot of men who selects the wrong tie pattern and color for their outfits. When it comes to color, it is better to select a shade that brings up your suit or shirt. When you use a white dress shirt, charcoal and dark navy suit, any tie color will complement with it. In terms of patterns, you just have to consider your attire. When you need to look formal, you can employ white bow tie or blue bow tie.



·         Shortly or Poorly Tied Tie – To avoid a shortly or poorly tied necktie, you should know how to make the right process. Generally, you have to make sure that your tie ends near your belt buckle. If you have many questions, you can search online as there are many useful information you can use.


Using the tie that best suits to your outfit is very necessary as it can make you look great. You will surely have a professional and formal look. Furthermore, you have to avoid kitschy novel ties, clashing colors, and patterns. You also have to take your suit into account at all times.





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Men’s Fashion Tips

Men’s Fashion Tips


Throughout the years, men have been as fashionable as they can be. They are now more conscious about how they look in the eyes of the others and so, they willingly adapt themselves to the current fashion trends. They also want to upgrade their fashion even by the simple means of wearing the best ties. So, in order to help you out, below are some tips you can consider.


·         Keep it simple


Always keep in mind that you should never overdo it for if you do, they you might be a laughing stock for other people. If you are the type of person who is fond of wearing jewelry, try to limit it to 3 jewelries. Also, you need not spend a large amount of money to become stylish for you can just purchase cheap neckties and that would do the work for you.


·         Don’t be too obsessed in following the latest fashion trends


Remember that fashion trends come and go. It changes so fast that if you follow it all the time, you should be willing to spend a lot of money for it. So, it would be best for you to purchase clothing that would be fit for different seasons and for long years or the so called classic clothing like a shirt and tie.


·         Wear matching clothing and accessories


For sure, you would have a certain outfit theme for the day and so, better make sure that your clothing and accessories matches well with each other. For example, if you are wearing a rugged top, then you need to wear a rugged bottom as well. On the other hand, if you are going for a professional look, you can wear a black tie, shirt, suit and a watch to complete your look.


·         Opt for blue and white shirts


There are many colors in the world, so why blue and white? This is because that look good in almost all body types and complexions. It’s not only that for it is quite easily to liven up such clothing. In fact, just wearing it together with a bright colored bow tie pattern or a designer tie would be enough to make you look stylish.


·         Get a nice tie


You might not know it but oftentimes, the tie that you are wearing is one of the first thing that people notices about you. So, make sure to buy and wear a nice tie at all times. Even the cheap ties will do as long as it looks decent, it’s tip is about the same length as you belt line and whose width is about 2-3 quarter inches. In other words, it should be narrow but not super skinny.


Apart from wearing the typical ties, bow ties are cool as well but it would still depend on what clothes you are wearing. More than that, it is always important to wear a smile at all times. That way, your fashion statement would always be complete and that would also make you look fantastic.




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Wool Ties

Wool Ties


Whether it is for an occasion or for corporate attires, men need neckties to complete their outfits. It is available these days. There are cheap ties and there are also designer ties. Whatever would it be, men would gladly buy them because they can use it in any type of occasion, either formally or informally. Moreover, neck ties come in different materials and designs. You can find them in different colors and patterns which make it attractive.


A wool tie is one of the neckties that you can find in the fashion shops today. Aside from silk, wools are also used as a material in creating neck ties. There are ties like silk ties that are versatile and this means you can wear it any season. On the other hand, there are also some ties, which are suitable for a certain season. Hence, you must wear a specific design and material of necktie depending on the weather so that you will not get over dressed.


Once the fall and winter season enters, it is now time to say good bye to your silk ties and stick with wool ties until the season is over. You will be able to encounter wool ties, either it is woven or knitted. Having a wool tie, you are making yourself feel warm whenever the cold season lingers. In addition, if you would want to give the cool season a rustic yet professional vibe, wearing a wool tie is the best option. You can have a knit tie made of wool, which will give you an enticing look, or you can buy a ready made in the market for a wider variety of options.


If you want to help yourself feel warm, have a wool tie and it is one of men’s ties that you will surely love to buy in the fashion market for the cool season. Also, there are wool ties that are combined with silk fabric, giving you a new and unique result that is suitable to every men.


Having wool as a fabric for neck ties are very beneficial because first of all, it is natural and will never make you sweat. Also, when you dye wool, it brings a magnificent and vibrant colors, which bring the finest result. Aside from that, with wool, you will definitely stay safe because the fabric does not cause any fire and will not get burned in an instant. Wools come from sheep. It is also good for the environment. Thus, having wool ties will definitely give you a lot of benefits that you will not find from other neck tie fabrics.


If you want to make your cold season warm and at the same time, make your attire look greater this holiday season, wool ties are the best choice. It will make your suit and tie attractive and sexy looking. Wools are good fabrics and will give you the warmth that you are looking for. A wool tie comes in variety of patterns, colors and designs, which gives you a lot of options to choose from.




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