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3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

The purpose why you wear a necktie is to enhance your appeal while you carry your overall attire with pride. You aim to have others glance at you and make their jaw dropped with awe. Wearing a tie is not just simply wearing them, but they must also be emphasized.

Some men even spend money to buy a designer tie like Jerry Garcia ties, Ralph Lauren, and other popular brands. Cheap bow ties often have basic violet color and you should be careful in pairing them with your suit if you choose them. We want to help you look stunning using different factors we want to share with you.

Color of the Tie

The first tip when using color as your basis in looking for a tie that suits you is to match it with the color of your suit or shirt. The appropriate way is shirt and tie must have contrasting colors and so must suit and tie, too.

If you want to look sophisticated, bow ties are cool if paired with your cool blue suit. You can use a green tie or royal blue tie to match it. You can also try a blue tie that contrasts the color of your shirt. Another option is to pair the red tie which is also called a power tie with your shirt with a light color.

It is called power tie because it can capture anybody’s attention. The white colored dress shirt and dark navy three-piece suit matched a pink tie or blue bow tie.

The other trick is to match the color of your tie with your particular features. If you have a light colored hair but have a low contrast fair skin, you can select monochromatic and pastel colors. However, if you have a dark hair a high contrast light skin, choose a color of a tie with defined lines on them.


This can be the trick that most men find it hard to choose. Just remember that the pattern of your tie should not conflict with your suit’s or shirt’s pattern to avoid them from clashing together. It looks cool if you pair your thin-striped shirt with a polka dot tie.

But if you want to use a striped tie also, make sure that the width or size of its stripe is different or you may use a plaid tie as an alternative. Using a wool tie is also the best match for a smooth jacket.

Knot tie

The knot tie should compliment the style of the collar of the shirt or suit. Collars have two types, one is the narrow point and the other one is the spread collar. The bigger the tie knots, the greater it requires more tie. The best tie knot for a spread collar could be the Windsor knot.

Mixing patterns, color, and knot styles is an art which needs an intuitive thinking. You can also use your own artistry to match your own suits or dress shirt with an attractive neck tie.



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Christmas Ties

Christmas Ties


It’s only a few months till Christmas and you’re probably looking for the best gift, right? There are many stylish gifts you can give your beloved this Christmas but if you’re looking for something not usual, why not Christmas ties? They often have a bad rap but really, ties are a good present and you’ll find out soon enough.


Why Christmas Ties?


Christmas ties are one of the most useful gifts this time of the year. You can wear on the Christmas or New Year’s Eve party with you looking all appropriate for the occasion. In the special day of Christmas, it makes sense that you should also look very good looking and as appropriate to the occasion.


Of course, when choosing for the perfect Christmas tie to give to your husband, Dad or friend, you need to make sure they are most suited to the recipients.  On that note, here are a few tips on choosing the best Christmas ties you can choose from.


Choosing the Best Ties This Christmas


When choosing the best Christmas tie, the best tip is to know the type of outfit your recipient usually wears. This way, you can make sure to choose the kind of tie that matches their style. As such, it’s important that you at know your recipient otherwise you’ll be blind when choosing which Christmas tie is best for them.


In those cases, it’s best you choose other gift or if you really want to gift them a Christmas tie, you can choose for the standard men’s Christmas ties. If you choose the standard men’s Christmas tie, then you’ll have less to worry since they mostly go hand in hand with whatever sort of outfit men usually goes.


Some of the most standard Christmas ties that you can choose include the abstract Christmas tree tie, boxed Christmas balls tie, Christmas ornament ties, candy cane pattern tie, candy cane snowman tie, Christmas golf tie, Christmas holiday pattern tie and more. Most of these ties go with black, maroon and any dark color.


Colorful but Stylish Ties for the Holidays


There are, of course, more colorful ties you can choose from if you want to go with the lively spirit of Christmas. If you want more colorful and bring Christmas tie that won’t embarrass the recipient, there are better choices for Christmas ties than snowmen in sunglasses or blinking lights that will surely make your Christmas outfit more stylish then before.


For instance, there’s the peppermint candy cane Christmas tie. This tie is one of the less obnoxious ties you can choose especially if you pair it with just the right suit jacket, something that’s light gray or maybe navy blue. Then there’s also the classic Christmas plaid tie which doesn’t only make for a tough match but certainly one that lets the wearer stand out no matter what shirt or coat it’s paired with.


The important thing when choosing for the perfect Christmas tie is that you really know what kind of outfit the recipient often wears. This way, you can mix and match and really choose one that doesn’t look so gaudy and actually suits their personality.



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Slim Neckties

Slim Tie


Most men use standard width ties because they think that a slim tie doesn’t suit them. If you’re thinking of doing the same thing, you’re definitely missing out on a stylish look. The look that can be achieved by wearing a slim tie has remained popular for years and even stars have worn this tie in red carpets, restaurants and clubs. Slim ties provide a modern style to young men who want to appear stylish while being decent for a professional environment. These ties are available in various colors, patterns and styles that it’s up to you to choose which one suits your needs and budget.


How to Wear a Slim Tie


Wearing a slim tie is easy and you don’t even need to put on any visible accessory such as tie tacks or tie clips. These accessories are mostly designed for wider ties and they can overwhelm a slim tie. There are a lot of colors and patterns to pick from, so you can always find something that fits your exact needs. Many designers also have started offering stylish slim ties. These ties are available in a wide range of fabrics and cool colors, making it easier for you to make your own statement. When buying a slim tie, make sure that the size of the pattern on it is similar to the tie’s size. Smaller patterns look better on slim ties.


Keep in mind that proportion is very important when it comes to wearing a slim tie. You should pick a slim tie that’s similar to the size of your body. For instance, slim and trim men can go for slim ties. Wide ties will make them look like a teenager trying to wear their father’s garments. Men who are a bit heavy can also wear a slim time, but they should go for a slightly wider version that matches their size to avoid accentuating their weight.


A slim tie is a great addition to your wardrobe. It can help you stay stylish during weekends or look professional when you are inside the office. Wearing a slim tie is one of the best ways to experiment and show your fashion sense. You can be stylish without purchasing new clothes or accessories. A slim tie can be a paired with cardigans,sweaters and patterned shirts.


If you want to try something new or you just want to include a great add-on in your professional wardrobe, you can always go for a slim tie. You can visit the department stores in your area to look for slim ties. If you don’t have time to go out, you can always search the web to purchase a slim tie that suits your taste and budget. There are a lot of online stores that offer a large collection of slim ties that are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, sizes and styles. All you need to do is to place your order and wait for the item to arrive at your place.


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Zegna Ties

Zegna Ties


A tie is the centerpiece of your outfit. There are some things that should be considered when choosing one such as the style, color and size of tie you’ll wear. For instance, taller men will need a longer tie. If you need to wear the tie with a suit, you should match its color and length with yoursuit jacket. Your pants are also an important consideration if you need to wear the tie without a jacket on. If you’re wearing a tie for a special occasion, you should choose something made of a silk blend or silk. Zegna tiescan help you make your own style statement. These ties are made of silk, so they’re ideal for all types of formal events.


Zegna ties have a classy design that can match any kind of formal attire. If you need to attend an event and you want to look elegant, these ties will never disappoint you. Zegna ties are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, lengths, patterns and styles. You can find embroidered ties, floral ties, woven ties, printed ties,striped silk ties, dot patterned ties and more.


Where to Wear Zegna Ties


Since Zegna ties are made of silk, they’re best worn during formal events and with formal attire. For instance, funeral services, batch reunion parties and weddings are formal occasions. During such occasions, wearing a silk tie is common. You will be considered under-dressed if you are not wearing a tie. The same rule applies when you are attending formal dinners.


Zegna ties can also be worn with your office attire. It can be worn with casual and formal business attire. A silk tie is not only a sign of formality. It also suggests your fashion style and gives a boost to your professional look. Silk ties are normally part of the dress code during formal corporate events. These ties are a must during office presentations, business meetings and conventions.


Since Zegna ties are available in a wide range of colors, there is always something for you to pick. Classic colors include silver, black and white. These ties can also come in patterned designs and bold solid colors. If you are attending a black tie event, ties that are in these colors are a good choice. For evening events, solid colored ties will accentuate your attire. Silver, white, pink, blue and other light colors are ideal for weddings.


Zegna ties are also a great gift. These ties can impress anyone with their unique style and design. As you can see, there is always something for everyone. You can also purchase Zegna ties online. If you don’t have enough money to buy a new one, you can look for online stores that offer used Zegna ties. Doing so will help you find the right Zegna tie at a price you can afford. Just make sure that the tie is still in good condition and don’t forget to compare their prices. You should also check their terms and conditions as well as return policy.


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Actors and Neckties

Actor and Neckties


Wearing a necktie is considered as a notable characteristic of an actor today, most especially during the award giving season. Although a necktie may change in its trends or fashion, most of the famous actors in this generation embraces the challenges and its pace. Most of the actors are great followers of the new trends of fashion while keeping in their mind the simple and basic of fashion as they wear their neckties.


Today, there are lots of popular actors who showcase their own style and fashion wearing neckties. During award giving seasons, actors are often noticed wearinga necktie that compliments to their tuxedos and suits. It gives them the confidence to have a complete look and make their outfit look more formal while adding some splash to the dark color of their suits.


Actors and Fashion


Because of this, actors consider their necktie as the integral part of their fashion. Despite the many changes it may bring, it is the best to wear them during formal events. It serves as the most important part of men’s fashion that can acquire the attention of lots of people.


Aside from this, an actor who wears their neckties looks more professional and sustains their successful status. Thus, they really become a good looking man wherein they can earn lots of respect. With the right choice of necktie, most of these actors looks like a person who showcase real significance in their industry that they belong. Also, a necktie will not just make you look good and allow you to show your best for it can also speak for the actor’s positions. It is a great stimulus to motivate other people to teach them how to dress accordingly and showcase the importance of proper dressing by simply having a nice suit and a necktie.


Actors and Fashion


Lots of actors nowadays have fulfilled all of their dreams in the world of entertainment. Having the perfect looks helps them become highly prepared as they enter it and show to the people who they really are. Nice suit and neckties will surely shock the people once it provides you a great appearance that can enlighten your mood. Furthermore, an actor who wears nice suits or tuxedo with neckties can showcase their personal branding of themselves. Being an actor means you need to find the right outfit for yourself to ensure that you will stand out from the rest. Having the right presentation of yourself will show to the people what you can do and how you love your career as well.


Today’s Actors


Many of the actors today uses neckties for different reasons. Some of them want to have a fashion look or have a unique style while some feels more comfortable if they know that they have nice outfit. Through this, you will be provided with great confidence to present yourself to the people. Therefore, you need to ensure that you know how to choose the right necktie for your next award giving season and stand out from the rest.


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Necktie accessories, unique, custom and trendy

A necktie will make you feel good looking well-dressed and sophisticated. But then, you will still not feel completely dressed until you have necktie accessories, be it unique, custom and trendy. Whether you dress to give a good impression at a social gathering or at a business appointment, necktie accessories will still enhance and give their total effect.

Neck accessories are those stuffs that attach to or affect the tie directly. These can also be expanded to include several items. Even pocket squares would fall into the category of accessories and cuff links would coordinate well with the tie material.

Omg Best Necktie Ever

The necktie accessories to find on the market today or even online are limitless. These are as follows that could meet your taste and your style:

Unique Necktie Accessories

If you like the idea of expressing your uniqueness and sense of style through ties, you may like it choosing from unique necktie accessories. There are huge selections of necktie accessories to find out there. There are hand-painted and one-of-a kind neckties that come along with their unique patterns and designs.

Other men’s ties sport wacky and weird themes like airport luggage, Thanksgiving turkeys and floor mops. Unique necktie accessories are also a great gift for those who have been tired of mixing in. For you to stand out from the rest and for you to get noticed, unique necktie accessories are simply great to have.

There are also popular items for unique necktie accessories such as Embellished tie and Unique Bowtie, groom’s set, cufflinks and necktie, floral ties, black and white damask thistle, behind triangle bowtie, personalized tie and groomsmen gift, pink bow tie for wedding wool ties, blue ties, western BOLO tie with Tribal native and blush pink tie.

Custom Necktie Accessories

Tailor your outfit with custom necktie accessories that can leave you look stunning and great. Good news, there are artists out there to help you develop a customized design following a pattern with colors, branding elements and logos that complement your style. You may provide for a specific artwork or logo while they design it for you.

Since every design is unique upon request, you will have to pay for its price as well. The estimate pricing will depend on the quantity of piece and fabric selection for your order. The good thing about custom necktie accessories is that these come with custom capabilities like scarves (polyester, silk or printed), extra-long ties, bow ties (printed or woven, polyester, silk), custom packaging (the addition of boxes and tissue), custom accessories (tie bars or clips, tie travel bag, cufflinks, dobbs kit) and custom woven keeper tag.

Trendy Necktie Accessories

Stand out in the crowd in Trendy Necktie Accessories that revolutionize the fashion accessory. Using these accessories, you will be on your way to transforming your necktie and adding that unique and sophisticated style to your outfit.

green neckties

There are trendy necktie accessories to find today. For once, the Proper Knot empowers you to become the best and most successful version of your own self. With a strong knot, you’ll turn out to be a strong man.

In addition, there is a unique repurposed necktie art accessory that gives you beauty and allure. Other trendy necktie accessories to find online include silver pearls necktie art accessory collar, silver pearls unique upcycled necktie necklace and a whole lot more.

With these three choices in store for you, all you have to do is to choose the best necktie accessories that complement your outfit!

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What shirt to wear or not to wear with a Striped Necktie

Every guy must know which necktie works with a shirt. This is a good approach to fashion and to stand out from the rest of the crowd. shirt tie comboActually, the combination of neck ties and shirts will mean a difficult business. Some have failed to combine the right shirt with a striped necktie. Thus, it is best to ask help from fashion designers out there. You may consider an approach for a solid matching of necktie and shirt.

What shirt to wear with a Striped Necktie?

If you have a striped necktie, it is ideal for you to wear a checkered shirt. This is particularly suggested if you are familiar with the so-called approach of checked coordination. In this clothing match, it is good to know that it is not as complicated as you think it could be. The only basic rule to follow is to find the base color from the neckties and later on find the right shirt.

Plain Colored Shirt

For a brainer or a fashion designer, one will suggest pairing up a plain colored shirt to your striped necktie. For instance, you could pair up a striped necktie to a white shirt or a blue shirt. This will make a perfect pair and will give a good impression to the people around. Care to take a look at those photos on the internet. You will be impressed of the perfect pairing of striped necktie to a plain shirt.

Actually, there are lots of color combinations and striped designs to choose from. In this regard, the same rule still applies-contrast, color and harmony.

What Not to Wear with a Striped Necktie

tiesPatterned or striped shirt is not ideally suggested to be worn with a striped necktie. This is a big no-no to some fashion experts out there. Instead of it being good to look at, it will never achieve it. Of course, you want to wear it and get the great value for your money. Thus, never pair it up with a striped shirt because you will only go out of style.

Nevertheless, if you want to be bold and you want to try it out wearing a shirt with a striped necklace, take care of the issue of balance. Remember that different stripes may create a big difference from the interval and the width of the stripe.

Considering the general rule, the width of the shirt stripes should be wider than those neckties. The color must also be peaceful and neutral if the stripes are applied. If you have too much color, you will end up looking like a clown in circus.

Matching neckties, such as striped neckties to your shirts require a more detailed and closer examination of the three essential components: pattern mixing, tonal considerations and color theory. When you will match a shirt and a striped necktie, you may opt to consider a color wheel which serves as the true foundation of color harmony.

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Reuse Your Old Neckties and Make Arts and Crafts

When you have various old neckties at home, it does not necessarily mean that these will go directly to the trash bags. You have to keep in mind that even old neckties can be recycled or can be turned into artistic and unique creations.

bowtie colors

Some individuals may not know it but there are actually many ways on how to reuse old ties and make excellent arts and crafts. These include but not limited to the following:

Make Quilt

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways on how to reuse old ties artistically. Making quilts out of used and old neckties is a practical option. You need to have at least one dozen neckties, flannel fabric and of course a sewing machine for better lining. Since a standard necktie measures about 58 inches long when untied, fabric actually has the most ideal length for making a quilt. To begin with, you need to cut the tie’s stitching and unfold the tie and remove its inner lining. The next step is to sew the fabric pieces together. The wide end of the tie must connect with the other tie’s narrow end. Finally, make use of flannel fabric for the blanket’s lining.

Silk Scarf  

Another suggested way of reusing old neckties and making arts and crafts is making silk scarf for men. The first step if to cut the tie’s stitching. You will then need to fold the necktie and then open and remove inner lining. The fabric piece must measure 58 inches long and about 4 inches wide on narrow end. You need to properly cut the fabric piece in a rectangle size measuring 50 by 4 inches. Lastly, you need to take fine cashmere fabric, choose a classic color then cut the fabric with the given size and sew it to the inner lining of the silk.

Couch Pillow

wedding tiesIf you are searching for more challenging ways to reuse old ties and make arts and crafts, you can consider doing couch pillow. Making pillow out of your old neckties might just be the perfect activity for you. There are many good instructions you can access online with regards to this activity.

Necktie Bag

This project will perhaps require solid sewing skills. You can actually make a unique and stylish tote bag out of your old ties. This tends to be a famous craft project and there is handful of decent and helpful instructions that can help you facilitate this project.

These are just few of the countless ways to reuse your old neckties and turn them to creative masterpieces. Old ties can be made into stuffed rattlesnake toys, matching stool and area rug, miniskirt, clutch purse, mini purse, cocktail dress, belt and many more. You just have to bring out all the creativity in you in order to end up with beautiful and extraordinary arts and crafts.

Investing on ties can be one smart decision to enhance your appearance, become more presentable and fashionable. But once your neckties turn old and are used minimally, it is about time to turn them into amazing things in a different way.

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Neckties and Bow Ties

A long piece of cloth which is generally worn around the neck area for charming and decoration purposes, and that remains stable under the collar of shirt and knotted at the throat is called a necktie or, sometimes, simply a tie.


Whereas, another tie which constitutes a fabric’s ribbon knotted around the shirt’s collar in such a balanced way that it’s both ends form a symmetrical loops on both sides is referred to as a bow tie.




Now, the question arises that why men wear ties? Another thing also itches mind about the evolution of its style. Although, everyone thinks of it as a purely decorative item only which does not provide any kind of protection from any type of weather i.e. hot, cold, rainy etc. Yet, most of the people around the world involve themselves in wearing and loving it.  The following article goes in brutal details about the evolution and the prestigious history of a necktie.


Many tailors believe that the 30 years of French war, in the 17th century, were responsible for the origin of neckties. When the French Emperor King Louis XIII took over, he hired some mercenaries from Croatia to punish his antagonist elements. Those mercenaries used to wear a piece of cloth wrapped around their necks, as a part of their uniform – a look that the King Louis was quite fond of. The King made it mandatory for all types of royal gatherings and to honor the Croatian mercenaries, he gave that piece of cloth the name La Cravate.




There is not much resemblance of today’s neckties than to the early 17th century neckties, but for more than 200 years, that style remained popular throughout the Europe. It was because of its brilliant uniqueness. Modern neckties found their first evolution near the early 1920s. After that, they have witnessed many changes in their style and binding techniques.


The following chronological order better explains the real evolution of neckties.



·         1900-1910

During that time, it was a must accessory for men. Most of the neckties of that era were similar to that of the Croatian mercenaries. However, their method of knotting it was different as they used “Four In Hand” technique which is still quite popular.




·         1950-1959

This decade is well-known for the emergence of skinny ties. Ties were mostly 6 inches in width and named as “Kipper tie.”


·         2000-2009


That era gained popularity owing to the reduction in the width of ties by 3 inches. European designers went one hand ahead in its deduction and so the most-skinny neckties were developed.


·         2010-Today


Neckties of today are available in many variety of widths, fabrics and cuts. Today’s standard widths are 3.25-3.5 inches. This current era is also known for the emergence of many unique fabrics and variety of designs.




The 19th century is regarded as the door that allowed the entrance of bow tie as a new style or modification of necktie. But in the mid 1880’s, it became a symbol of status for casual men’s wardrobe.


But the bow tie first showed an immense change in trend in 1900s when it became a symbol of usage by people belonging to academics and surgeons. Later, it also experienced many changes in its styles from the street style to the runway, to the celebrity fashion. Its decline started at the end of WWII. In spite of that, it is still considered an important part of wardrobe today.




The first difference between both ties lies among their definitions which has already been described in the first section of this article. Both types of ties are mainly differentiated by their lengths.


Let’s first discuss the salient features of a necktie.


Necktie is generally long and narrow.


It seldom reaches the waist as it is worn around the neck with a knot.


A suit is generally worn along with necktie to give it a charming and a professional look.


The necktie can be loosened without taking it off.


It covers the all the buttons in the front of a shirt.


It can be knotted by a variety of ways.


Now discuss the features of a bow tie:


It is basically a variant type of a necktie.


It is only a bow at the neck and can take the shape of rainbow.


This type of tie is usually tied around the collar.


Owing to its small dimensions, it can only cover the neck button.


Can be found in two types: clip-on bows & pre-tied bows.




The following are the best environments for a necktie to be worn.




Whenever, you are invited on a business event, your goal should always be on how to look professionally superior to others. Unless you work at home, don’t wear any hoodie on a business type event. To get professionally boost up, you have to wear a tie with an enchanting suit.




The act of marriage is slowly turning its trend from formal to casual as the time passes by. In this situation, it is best to consider a suit and a tie mandatory.




It may sound personal and rightfully so, but whenever you are about to take a girl on a date to a parochial coffee place, try to go with a tie as it offers an upscale vibe.


Whereas, a bowtie finds its applications in the following places.




Most of the religious services are not of very formal types, but wearing a bow tie on such events really puts you on a high note.




In the modern era, only a few work environments allow the usage of a bow tie with preliminary subsidiary for restaurant workers etc.




Although, both holds benefits of their own, but necktie is certainly a level ahead tie owing to some reasons:


·         Bow tie often leaves broad expense of shirt that looks unbalanced.


·         Bow tie is thought to be formal and a thing that so many people should not wear it as part of their dress. Because it is thought to be reserved for evening ceremonies only.


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Latest Trends in Men’s Necktie

Trends, are they hard to keep up with?

While wearing bright colors might seem intimidating to men, the bright color trend is considered one of the hottest in fashion. Fashion designers are sending down clothing in bright colors, and while you might not relatively ready for a turquoise suit or jacket, men’s neckties are the best way to take benefit of one of the most wearable trends in fashion.

It might look like intimidating idea, which is just good in men’s fashion journal, however with these simple tricks, you will find that putting in a splash of color to you work clothes will have you feeling great and confident.

Trends, and Necktie Colors

To begin, you have to know that there are various kinds of vibrant colors, and most of them are loud enough to overpower any man’s style. Keep away from colors that seem like it belongs in highlighter pen-overly bright yellows, greens, pinks as well as purples are tough to wear.

Rather than , you will need to look for pieces which provide vibrant color in the best dose. Men’s fashion provides lots of colors which are perfect for harmonizing the look of brightly colored men’s neckties. Black, gray and white are all staples of men’s attire and these are the ideal backdrop for a more vividly colored accessory. Vibrant colors look masculine if they are combined with other subdued colors, to begin with a natural backdrop for brightly colored accessories.

Does it look good on you?

The next step is to choose which bright color will look remarkable on your. Think about other pieces in your clothing- when you often buy green or blue casual wardrobe, a bright blue or green tie will perhaps look amazing on you.

The best thing concerning bright shades is that they do not need to come in big doses to get notices. While stripped or patterned ties which mix a subtle color with a vibrant color are one way to begin, adding a tie in a solid vibrant color is astonishing easy.

green neckties

If you have tried out the vibrant color fashion in men’s neckties, it is time to accessorize. Like for instance, consider adding a pair of vibrant socks in a matching color to your jacket or suit. The simple touch will pull together a look.

One good idea is to use a pocket square in the similar bright colors as your necktie, or wearing a vest in bright color under a dark suit. If you are at ease with bright shades, consider changing things up through mixing a vibrantly colored shirt with a dark necktie.

Adding lively colors to your clothing will instantly keep your style informed and at the same time make you look more contemporary. While a head to toe appearance made up of lively colors is over and will just make you look like a caricature or cartoon character, adding a splash of vibrant color with men’s neckties makes you appear confident as well as pulled together. Try adding a brilliant dose of your preferred color, and you will see that you will show up in any crowd.

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