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Zipper Necktie: What Makes It a Cool Trend

Neckties have caught the attention of many people, particularly men, who used to go to places where more formal clothing is required. Many seemed to be familiar with the regular neckties. But, did you ever know that there are various types of neckties out there? Find out one of the most useful type which is called Zipper Tie and learn everything about it.

A zipper tie is usually composed of plastic hardware pieces which are attached into the zipper slider. These are wrapped at the last portion of the tie to look like a knot. The zipper tape is then sewed in a skinny tie portion and makes a look. The zipper tie is opened by pulling the loop away from the tie.

Zipper neckties of high quality come up with stiff zippers. This helps control the necktie from being loose while men wear it. The best zipper neckties got locking zipper. In this way, the person wearing will not worry about losing it them.


Zipper NecktieZipper neckties come in variety so it will be useful to pay a close attention to the details below.

Patterned Zipper Necktie – This type comes in various colors designed to perfectly match the  occasion or style of the person wearing. They provide convenience of having built-in zipper and permanent knot to obtain adjust-ability. The cool part about these patterned zipper ties is that they look so appealing to any personality of a guy.

Novelty and Holiday Zipper Necktie – Men are often sensitive to anything they wear. They aim to feel convenient, be expressive and be attractive. By wearing a novelty zipper tie, you will enjoy a great combination.

Striped Zipper Tie – When it comes to stripped zipper necktie, you will find a lot. This is one ideal way to express yourself in your own unique fashion. Come up with basic and solid colors but make sure to choose the right color for your outfit or suit.

The Perfect Knot

Zipper NecktieThere are certain circumstances when you can see men who got a crooked tie knot. Believe it or not, some men have already experienced wearing their necktie and suddenly it got twisted, turned or pulled. The worst part of this is when he is in his way to a meeting or a formal occasion. Sounds embarrassing, right?

If you know how to tie knot perfectly, you will benefit from being more confident about what you wear. Here are some factors to consider to successfully wear your necktie:

Length – There are different sizes and length of neckties. You may find thicker and longer ties. Therefore, you have to be extra careful in deciding for the right length.

Style – Make sure that you will feed your mind with the most appropriate style that will complement your clothing.

Color and Design – The color and overall design of your tie totally affects your style and fashion.

When you wear zipper ties, you will surely benefit from saved time and great quality. This works well for those who find it hard to do a perfect knot in their tie.

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