neckties created equal

Are All Ties Created Equal?

Are All Ties Created Equal?

Not all ties are equal. There are various ways they differ from one another. These differences could sometimes make choosing a daunting and confusing one.


Most neckties are made of silk, however, they are processed differently. Due to the advancement of the technology, there are times that a genuine silk is hard to determine from the one which is not. Different raw materials have been used in producing quality silk and they should be accurately processed to achieve the thickness and texture.


Genuine silk ties may cost more expensive because of the cost of collecting and processing to make a silk.


From raw material, up to spinning, weaving, and dyeing, they undergo several processes to come up with their own quality. Another thing to consider is the tie’s interlining because it plays a significant role in draping a tie. Cotton and wool are the best interlining choices. They should also be smooth instead of stiff so can easily be tied.


Aside from this, we have observed that most ties are processed through a machine. However, hand sewn ties make a difference. This is to ensure that every piece of detail receives adequate attention to make sure they achieve quality.


Stitches in a tie also determine its quality. Loop stitch has a loop at the end leaving a reserve for the thread for a purpose of stretching the tie but not ripping the thread. Another stitch is to have a knot and a thread at the end so a reserve is left.


Neckties also vary with designs. They come up with different colors, patterns, and length. They need to fit the personality of the wearer. Most important is they need to fit the body of the wearer. The patterns of the tie vary with its designers. Some designs are for casual use, while some are strictly for business wear only.


One of the latest and in demand tie nowadays is the tie from Never Tie. This one of a kind tie is the evidence that not all ties are created equal. The Never Tie does not need to be tied just for you to use wear it. It was strictly created to return back the love of men to wearing a necktie because it is easy to use more than any other ties around the world.


They are simple and convenient to use and men would surely love them. Never Tie was able to reduce the struggle in tying a tie making it a recommendable choice for tie wearers. You do not have to worry about the length as well. As soon as you wear the tie, its length will never be a problem anymore because it is designed to fit the body size of a person wearing it.


Ties also have different shapes. Some have wedge tips which have a wider end while some have a rectangular shape. Even prices have big differences. Genuine silk ties tend to be more expensive than ordinary silk. Prices are also based on their designs and colors.




Bret Rakfeldt