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Effective Tips on how to buy Top Quality Cheap Neckties

How to find and buy Top Quality Cheap Neckties


It is a fact that neckties are one of the most versatile pieces of men’s fashion accessory. Dress it formal with plain, dark-colored, or solid design ties or be a little less formal with colors and prints. Dress it funky with novelty designs, hobby-themed, and bright colors or be fashion forward with skinny ties. With the several styles and designs, there is surely one tie that suits every occasion. Here, you will discover and learn the additional ways to help you find the perfect and cheap necktie. Consider the design according to your personal taste and the event you are going to use it for but consider these general tips to ensure that what you got will really make you proud.


1.  Try the neck tie and ensure that it ties well. Standard necktie size ranges from 52-58 inches. If you require a tie longer than that, you most probably need to have it customized.


2.  Choose the material used. Polyester or silk-polyester are a little more affordable than silk. But remember that colors and prints on a polyester necktie do not look as stunning or as elegant as they do in silk.


3.  The lining should be good enough to hold the necktie’s shape. High quality linings are from 100% wool. The general rule is the higher the wool content, the higher quality the tie lining has. Inner linings are very rarely made of silk.


4. Test the quality of the tie by making a tie loop on your hand. If it twirls in the air, then it is not a good quality necktie. Since good quality neckties are bias-cut or cut across the fabric, it should hang straight after it has been tied and not twirl in the air.


5.  A silk tie should feel like silk. If there are areas that appear rough or coarse, the quality of the silk used may be poor. Silk ties are usually light in weight and are never stiff.


So in buying a necktie, do not hesitate to try it, feel it and inspect it. Remember to trust your instincts.


Why do Men wear a Tie?


Some people say that men wear a tie in order to boost up their ego. It is a symbol in which it denotes authority as manifested by history. Men who wear the neck pieces were actually worn by people who have higher status in the society. Such as the cravats of the members of the ton, the triangular piece of cloth worn by Egyptians which serves as a status symbol and the statues around the grave of Emperor Shi Huang Ti which all wears a cloth around their neck.


There is no clear reason as to why men wear designer ties. But it has been clear in the modern days that it is a growing trend that men, if they want to be fashionable, should follow. In the recent years, a formal outfit will never be considered formal without a tie, be it a bow tie or the long ties. If you are in search for high quality but cheap neckties, NEVER TIE is the best website to visit.


Bret Rakfeldt