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Top 5 Books About Necktie

Top 5 Books About Necktie

The world of fashion may have produced different books to make people aware of the latest trends.  Books are produced as a guideline on how to come up with trending styles that are usually changing every time something new comes out. Most people are fashion fanatic. They can’t even go out of their house without wearing the appropriate attire even they just need to go to the mall.

These books are not just about the clothes, shoes, or the designers. There are also quality books about necktie that are worth reading for. Men can wear a necktie, but are they able to wear it properly? One of the objectives in publishing these books is to provide deeper information about wearing a necktie and bow ties properly.

The Bow Tie Book

This was written by James Gulliver Hancock and was released last April 7, 2015. Consisting of 128 pages, the book was able to introduce the meaningful history of the bowtie. Even the deepest reason why waiters preferred to wear bow ties is tackled.

What makes the book worth reading is there are also notable personalities and designers who were introduced wearing a bowtie, gaining must-know tips from them as well.

The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie: The Science and Aesthetics of Tie Knots

We know that there are four tie knots frequently used for ties. This book is amazing because it introduces additional 81 ways to tie a knot based on the discovery of two physicists from Cambridge University. They got this concept using mathematics and was used to describe how the gas molecules moved.

How to Tie a Tie: A Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Dressed

The author of this book is Potter Style and you could find in this book the procedures on how to knot neckties based on different occasions like evening wear, casual attire, and office attire. There are also guidelines on how to match the cufflinks to your shirt, finishing touches, and how to fold a pocket square.

Awesome Tie Knots: Step-by-step Instructions for Tying the Most Awesome Tie Knots for Men

The author of this book is Michael Melrose who was able to show some ways on how to tie knots uniquely and stylishly which also includes procedures for  Eldredge, Han, and Ediety. The first two chapter introduces the history of the modern necktie, how to match the patterns of bow ties for men and proper way of pairing them with your attire. There are also illustrations shown to better describe how you will do the instructions.

Neckties: A Practical Guide to Buying, Tying, Wearing and Caring for Neckties

The author of this book is Mark Davids. From the title of the book itself,  you will not doubt if you will read this book because it contains details regarding about every information we must know about neckties.

Based on the concept of the book, it shows that even an expensive necktie will turn out like a “hand-me-down” if you bought a wrong tie which does not fit properly to the specific occasion and to your overall attire.


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