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Top Ways to Tie a Necktie

Cheap NecktiesNecktie Tying: Top Ways to Tie a Necktie

Neckties are close friend of shirts that’s why they’re essential accessories for men. Men neckties can’t only enrich layers but also highlight the tone, color, and overall style of fashion. To make a perfect professional look, learning necktie tying plays a very important role in order to improve your look.

The perfect choice for necktie tying is the Prince Albert knot because of its delicate, smaller know. As compared to other tying methods, this has a much fewer step and there’s no huge tie know at the neck that can possibly cause airtight visual effect. The best way to tie this know is to give more space at the huge end and fit it together when tying for the second round. If you’re only wearing a shirt in order to highly the distinctive personal characteristics, the button down collar or the pointed collar shirt could be the best choice in order to display the shape of your upper body.

As the collar is narrow and tight, the necktie materials need to be thin and soft. This necktie tying method isn’t suitable for bright colored neckties because of the fact that solid color neckties or ties with elegant patterns can give off symmetrical visual effect, while the fancy neckties gives off people the perception to focus on the collar, making your upper body focus-scattered.

Another way to tie a necktie is called Windsor knot and it requires a bit more steps as compare to the first one mentioned. However, the size and shape of the necktie knot can be controlled flexibly. The space between the collars can be totally filled to display a sincere and mature image. The dress shirts usually have wide collar that follows the traditional dress cut style. The wide collar suits perfectly go with the wide collar shirts that can highlight the best qualities of men. Because both side of shirt collar are open to leave space for tie knot, you can make a flat know in order to fill the extra space in the middle as much as possible. Considering the fact that Windsor has more steps, you need to reserve long enough from huge end and neckties in thick fabric aren’t suitable for this knot.

Designer Ties Another necktie tying options is the Romantic knot that can be adjusted freely and the remaining necktie length can also be controlled based on the actual needs. The best part of this knot is that its shape is symmetrical and has beautiful and straight contour lines of neckties. The casual suits are more relaxed and free and all lines are much gentler. Your first choice should be romantic pointed collar shirts and the neckties can be selected freely based on your personal desires. Whether the trendy skinny ties or traditional wide neckties, they can all be presented with distinctive delicacy. Its wide end can possibly be adjusted into wrinkles in order to reduce the size of knot and the narrow underneath end can also be moved to the wide end edge with a little more exposure.

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