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Trending Footwear for Men



Footwear is not just an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, but also an essential part of every man’s life personality and identity. Like every new year, this year has its own trends and fashion freaks are always eager to follow the most daring fashion trends like the Milan fashion week had men wearing socks with sandals on the runway, so it is the most unique and one of its kind trend that many men would be following this summer, it also is the addition to the trend that was seen in many fashion weeks of wearing high socks with shorts. We have made our list of footwear trends that any men with an interest in fashion can follow to come up with looks ranging from funky to graceful.



They are recently created and are a very appropriate footwear for any type of weather. They have a very comfortable sole and they have a breathable fabric which makes them very comfortable. The entire weight of espadrilles gives one a feather like feeling on feet and your feet don’t even get tired wearing them for long hours. They are your perfect partner for professional and casual wear a walk to the beach or any outdoor or indoor gathering at your friend’s place over the weekend.

They are available in various colors and patterns to go with any look and dress code and portray a soft image of every man.

Go for the top colors and patterns this season: Lined prints, checkered prints, bold prints, monochromatic prints, khaki, beige, navy blue, sky blue, and denim jeans.



Sandals are the most comfortable and appropriate footwear for casual wear. There are literally thousands of styles of sandals in various materials and sole thickness. They go best with jeans, chinos, and shorts to bring perfection and mere casualness to your look. People prefer sandals over anything else in summer for casual wear for many reasons to list a few: level of comfort they, easy of wearing and taking off, airiness and diaphaneity.

But keep in mind a few things while buying sandals for summer to follow this year’s fashion trends, don’t buy something very ugly too chunky, too strappy or effeminate if you are in ambiguity for something simple, yet stylish and virile. Don’t forget the socks part!


Boat Shoes/Moccasins

The classic footwear is a perfect concoction of casual wear and formal wear. They are a great idea to wear on formal occasions like dinners or office seminars, etc because of their vintage and limber look and very appropriate casual wear for everyday wear because of the level of comfort they offer. Boat shoes come in 4 standard design variations.


*Gold cup


*Billfish Ultralite

You can pick your desired style according to the size and shape of your feet from a wide range of classic, modern and fusion of modern and classic color palette. You also choose your desired thickness of the flat sole moccasins the latest trends bring no restrictions to the height of your moccasins.



Men who are more fond of a swanky look go for loafers over anything else. Loafers are loved by men all around the world for the level of comfort they offer, the variety of styles and colors they get into them and the enchantment it brings to a man’s trot.

Most popular of the season are suedes in any color of any desiderate height of heels. There are so many different designs, for loafers from with buckles and without buckles, or tassel, by many brands, which makes it very easier to get a pair according to your personality.

Loafers are also the best driving shoes giving the best grip over the driving paddles when you can’t wear joggers or boats due to very hot weather.  They are a perfect footwear for casual and semi-formal wear or even in your daily office routine.



Sneakers have been the best contribution in creating a perfect sporty look, but this year is for slip-on sneakers. So just get rid of your traditional sneakers and buy some slip-on sneakers for yourself this summer. They give you the same perfect sporty look freeing you from the clutter of those long shoe laces and saving your precious time. You can get them in a huge variety of colors and material from cotton and suede to leather. Slip-on sneakers are great for a casual look and best for a busy day, which requires lots of walking. Wear slip-on sneakers with a T-shirt or Polo T-shirt to make a perfect sporty look.



Bret Rakfeldt