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How to Wear Denim Pants Appropriately

How to Wear Denim Pants Appropriately

Denim is one of the most commonly worn outfits for men. Like another type of outfit, they also come in different shades. They can be one of the most classical outfits men ever had. Since they also need to worn appropriately, there are guidelines that should be followed to make sure they enhance your appeal. Although denim is versatile, there are still things to consider to wear them correctly.

Off-white or cream colored denim

These colors of denim are safe to be worn by people who are unsure of the right color that matches their skin tones and body built. These colors can be worn by men with any skin tone and body type. You can also wear a white denim jacket which is always in trend, paired with dark trousers.

For a complete set of an outfit, you can wear white jeans, gray or black t-shirt and top with khaki or stone field jacket. Complete the set with a pair of sand desert-color boots.

Dark denims

For dark denim, included are charcoal shades and raw indigo. This color is a bit tricky so we will recommend you safe options. A darker denim with fewer details is the best attire for formal occasions. Combine your raw indigo denim with a sweatshirt to achieve a smart casual attire. Another option is to pair it with a monochrome colored blazer like gray, beige, white, and black.

Light Wash Denim

This type of denim can enhance the torsos and legs of the wearer. Although this denim is coming in and out of the trend,  one sure thing is it is cool. It is best paired with all light wash attire including jeans, shirt, and jackets.

Light wash denim comes in during the nineties trend but they can still be worn with ease nowadays. They can be appealing to wear when you pair it with minimal outfits like a simple white t-shirt and go for a white sneaker, too. This may be simple but makes you attractive and clean. Aside from a white t-shirt, you can opt for a crew-neck style of sweatshirt or Breton tops. If you are not comfortable wearing minimal attire, you can pair it with contrasting colors like light gray or light green.

Mid-Wash Denims

Mid-wash types of denim have a versatile style wherein it can be best worn with various off-duty looks. Similar with light wash denim, make sure to avoid to double up unless you left two shades in every piece. It can also be worn for slimmer fits and it is also beneficial to wear it with contrasting colors.

Do not pair this type of denim with navy. You can opt for brown, black, or gray instead to create a visual difference. It is also important to consider the material used. Go for wool, suede, and rugged leather jackets to heighten its detail.

This denim is also best paired with a simple white shirt and classic sneakers to achieve the casual look for the summer season.


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