What Does Your Necktie Say About You

What Does Your Necktie Say About You


Did you know that you can tell about from a tie of a person? It may include his job, his personality, and even his mood during that particular day. The color and type of a man’s tie are more than just his fashion statement – it is an insight into his personality and attitude.


The Bow Tie


If a person is using a bow tie, he thinks as a trendsetter. They are the not the ones to blend it, and they use their wardrobe to see themselves in the crowd. Men wearing this radiates confidence and this could be either good or bad thing. But still, they are very happy with themselves and like to make people happy. Sometimes, they are the ones who like to host a party, as opposed to attending them. Plus, they are often risk-taker.


The Adventurous Knot


Men wearing Murrell, Trinity, and The Eldredge tie are the ones who are experimental, and they are about details. They are often nonconformist and a marching to the beat of their own drum. They are at all times looking to be one stead ahead of the game. Thus, they are not afraid to take big risks. They crave excitement and want to seek out in even the little of things.


The Traditional Knot


This is the type of necktie knot, which most of our dad taught us. Mostly, the person who uses this type of tie sticks to the classics. They are all about having the balance in every aspect of their life, from their personal time to work. Also, their friends come to them for an advice and normally have many to give. When we talk about the style, it is indicative of Mad Men, which means, they are totally charismatic.


The Popular and Classic Knot – Four in Hand


Men who wear this kind of necktie are the go gentlemen type. They are the type of men who always got something going on in them. They are always seeking for what’s next. Furthermore, they spend most of their time dressed up, so they need a knot, which fits them. Their career is the top priority and they work very hard. They are also the men who are sociable and like to make friends.


To sum it up, if you searched for the different kinds of ties, you already know that there are an abundant number of options available. These ties come in different sizes and shapes, from the classic ones down to adventurous types. There were times that the type of tie knot you utilize will vary on the thickness of the fabric of your tie. Regardless, you know that most of us are talented when it comes to tying a tie.


In the majority of cases, where a strong and good impression is required, you cannot go wrong by using a necktie. Thus, whether it shows a man is already a father, traditionalist or sportsman, a necktie could immediately tell pieces of the personality of a man.




Bret Rakfeldt