necktie tactics

Winning Tactics For Necktie

Winning Tactics For Necktie

Since we are willing to invest for a piece of a tie, then we must also make a way on now to learn to wear them properly by using simple techniques. Bringing together each piece of your attire should come up to a harmonious look.

The color of the tie should always matter.  This is always the first thing you need to consider since this is noticeable during the first glance at you. The color of your shirt, suit, and tie should have a sense of balance and order.

A monochromatic scheme could be the easiest choice of color for your attire wherein you could wear the same color, however, each has different shades and tints. From darker to a lighter variant of colors, you will totally create an elegant and professional-looking attire.

The level of contrasts of both the shirt and tie is known as tonal consideration whereas they can either be high or low contrast. You can choose a shirt with subtle appearance or with a low tone and pair it with a high tonal tie to create an aesthetic appearance. You may also interchange their tonal effects if you prefer so.

Using three different colors can be tricky and this is one of the most common mistakes in men who tried to experiment and play with colors. One example is a dark blue suit, green shirt, and red tie. You can also try to pair warm to cool colors if you want to create a striking contrast.

The same guideline can be used for bow ties. Bow ties are cool to wear which is also trendy nowadays. There are custom bow ties that are best paired with formal suits for special events.

Selecting tie patterns makes your attire unique and intriguing. You have options like striped, checkered, or paisley tie that can be paired with shirts and suits that have a different pattern too. One example is a black suit, paired with a vertical striped light blue and white shirt, and match them with a Christmas tie for you to look appealing at a Christmas event.

This means that the pattern of both should not be proportionate to create a contrast. Always put in mind, whether you will use ka color or pattern, they need to be contrasting to avoid getting a dull or out of fashion attire.

It is critical to choose the same stripes for both the shirt and tie. Make sure if you would like both in stripes, use a wider stripe for the other one. The color scheme is still applicable for tie patterns so that your attire will not look boring though you have patterns on it.

Choosing the appropriate necktie can be challenging at times. To ensure you got it correctly, create a contrast by selecting a shirt that has a small pattern and pairs it with a tie that has a broader space pattern. After you are able to remember these tips,  it will start to develop your sense of style no matter what type of tie you want to use.


Bret Rakfeldt