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How Women Want Men to Dress

How Women Wants Men to Dress

One of the most common reasons a man dressed well is to impress a woman. He wants to look appealing and that is why he does everything he can to achieve the gorgeous look for the woman of his dreams. There is always a means to achieve this purpose and we want to share them with you.

Wear a casual shirt when meeting her parents

A woman would always want to bring a dignified and responsible yet approachable man in front of her parents. Your decent look could hook the trust of her parents making them impress with how you stand up.

To achieve this, you must wear a neutral and conservative trousers paired with a soft pastel or pink shirt. Some women want men to wear pink that makes them look confident and hot. Match your outfit with a sports coat to bring out your confidence and dignified look.

Wear a casual but chic outfit during your first date

Since the date is an important event in the life of a woman, you also need to show an effort in wearing an attire that would make her think the date is special for you as well. She, of course, wants a guy whom she can introduce to her friends and colleagues anytime she accidentally sees them while you are with her.

Wearing jeans is a perfect choice paired with a cool and crisp shirt. Match them with a structured blazer made with a soft fabric, preferably corduroy, velvet, or suede. This fashion style would surely make you look irresistible.

Avoid wearing pleated pants

Pleated pants are one of the most hated attires of women most especially for women at their mid 20’s and mid 30’s. You do not want to look boring implying understatement. These type of pants only suit when you need to report for work at the office. But if you want to wear it while you have, forget about it. Just stick to flat-front pants and you go well with the women’s taste.

Wearing faded vintage jeans makes you look hot

This attire would surely make you look like a loyal boyfriend. This is best worn when paired with a bright sweater which has a contrasting style but still complementary at the same time.

Women easily get attracted to men who wear leather loafers

A pair of shoes could be the indicator of men’s social and financial status. Leather shoes are a bit pricey nowadays especially when it comes to trend. Wearing casual leather shoes emphasizes elegance and fashion sense.

You can achieve your personal purpose if you follow these simple procedures we share you. This will not only hook every girl’s attention, but these will also boost your self-esteem while you mingle with them. These are not difficult to follow as long as you are willful to do them. Enhance your manliness through the right sense of fashion and be consistent in maintaining the appropriate style to develop your looks and appeal.



Bret Rakfeldt